The best soccer training apps 2020 | Ertheo Education & Sports

Coaching soccer and requires constant daily preparation. From recreational youth teams to professional first division teams, coaches often spend hours preparing training sessions. Fortunately, in recent years, many soccer training apps have been designed to help coaches prepare their training sessions and achieve better results on the field. These days, many coaches and trainers use soccer training apps and software to plan their soccer programs and summer soccer camps. They also use these devices to view and analyze their players’ performances. And, this technology is accessible to everyone. Many apps are free or available for purchase at a very low [...]

Best Football Boots Infographic | Ertheo Education & Sport

Buying a pair of football boots for soccer training used to be stressful until we created this fun infographic to help you find the best football boots for you and your unique needs. Simply start at the top and follow the arrows until you arrive at your ideal pair of football boots. Our infographic filters options by position, values, style of play, and finally the player’s unique needs, and features only the best football boots. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE FULL IMAGE. The Adidas x 17 Ocean Storm soccer cleat features a light-weight design, ideal for speed during breakaways. The raised dots [...]

Top Soccer Training Tips to Boost Your Skills Today! With Guest Coach Aaron Conniff-Broome

We are always looking for top soccer training tips and advice for young players. After all, it is our quest to help budding players, parents and coaches to understand the many challenges they may face on the road to becoming a professional. For our latest words of wisdom we turned to Aaron Conniff-Broome, Head Coach at ACB Football Coaching. Aaron is currently an FA Level 2 and FA Youth Module 3 qualified Coach, and as well as running ACB Football Coaching in West Sussex, England, he is also the coach of Sussex University Ladies 2nd team. ACB Football runs a variety [...]

Spain National Football Team Best XI

Spain have produced some of the best football players in history but it has only been in recent years that they have enjoyed regular success at international level. The Spain national football team was considered the best in the world between 2008 and 2012 when they won two European Championships and a FIFA World Cup. They began that era under Coach Luis Aragonés and ended it under the guidance of Vicente del Bosque. The latter left the job in 2016 with a 76.32% win ratio. But which players from days gone by would have made it into the national team had [...]

The Ultimate Tennis Equipment List for Budding Professionals

IF YOU LOVE TENNIS AND ARE SERIOUS ABOUT IMPROVING YOUR GAME, YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE THE RIGHT EQUIPMENT! Our ultimate tennis equipment list will help you to assess whether your current gear is suitable and what essential items you need to add to your kit bag. You can also use this list to give you an idea what you should pack if you are attending a tennis academy or summer tennis camp this year. Having the right equipment will make it easier to achieve a higher performance level but you still need to put in the hard work on the practice courts. [...]

Tennis Ball Machine

How a Tennis Ball Machine Could Take Your Game to the Next Level

TO BECOME A BETTER TENNIS PLAYER, YOU NEED TO GET THE BASICS RIGHT, AND THAT’S WHERE A TENNIS BALL MACHINE COULD COME TO YOUR AID. If you are an aspiring young tennis player, you need to learn how to strike the ball well on a consistent basis. And if you want to compete at a high level, it is also vital that you work to improve your accuracy and power. All of this requires a serious amount of repetitive practice. Of course, if you are serious about your game, you will need some kind of professional coaching and younger players may want to spend [...]

How Does The Spanish Football League System Work?

Football fans from England are used to the fairly simple relegation and play-off system that exists across the top four tiers of the football league. But when it comes to understanding the Spanish football league system, things can get a bit more complicated. This is because the third and fourth tiers of Spanish football feature over 440 teams and are divided into many regional groups. As a result, the play-off systems for promotion (Promocion de Ascenso) and relegation (Permanencia) for the Segunda B (third tier) and Tercera Division (fourth tier) are complex to say the least. So here is a brief guide to the Spanish football league system for anyone keen [...]

fifa world cup

The 13 Greatest Football Players Who Never Played in a FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup is watched by over 3 billion people and provides the biggest stage of all for the world’s best footballers. However, for a variety of reasons, some of the elite players never get a chance to take part in the greatest soccer show on earth. Here are 13 of the best: The Ecuadorian striker known as “magic head” was great with both feet and scored more than 450 goals during his professional career. Despite representing Ecuador and Uruguay at international level, the three-time Copa Libertadores winner and goal-scoring record-holder never played in a World Cup. The Dutch forward [...]

gerrard touch This Is Anfield sign funniest soccer superstitions

20 Funniest Soccer Superstitions of All Time

Superstitions are commonplace in football. Plenty of players, coaches and fans strive to achieve some kind of spiritual sanctuary before a game by performing various bizarre rituals. Here is a rundown of the 20 funniest soccer superstitions. Real Madrid When Real Madrid re-located to their new stadium in 1912, they did not win a trophy for 5 years. To break the “curse,” they took the unusual step of burying a clove of garlic under the centre circle and went on to win the Copa del Rey that season. Pepe Reina When he was at Liverpool, the Spaniard admitted to a whole range of pre-match [...]

The Best Goalkeepers of all Time | Ertheo Sports Programs

Curating a list of the top goalkeepers of all time is not an easy task. With so many great players from different leagues and countries across all eras of the game, few people will ever agree on the same groups of players, and everyone will have a strong opinion on who was the best ever. So of course, this is not a definitive list and it is certainly open to debate. What’s more, the players are listed in random order, thus absolving the author of all responsibility in naming the best goalkeeper of all time! So let’s begin back in the [...]