Football is a sport which generates huge passions from its followers throughout the world. The most successful football clubs organise summer camps in several different countries.

For example, AC Milan is one of the most important clubs in Italy and the world. Their style of play is famous and well recognised internationally as are their footballers. If you are a fan of the Milanese style of play and you are/your child is between 10 and 17 years, you may be interested in one of the three camps run by the club which take place in Italy and other countries. The programme provides both excellent football coaching and English classes delivered by native speakers. Programes are run in Italy, Malta and Dublin.

Another of the most famous European clubs is Paris Saint Germain (PSG). The club organises a summer camp in Paris which includes English or French classes. It is a unique opportunity for fans of this great team to enjoy football training and language study as well as to make friends from other countries who all share the same passion for football.

The locations for the Milan summer football camps outside Italy are:

1- Dublín: There is an agreement in place for the students also to study English classes at the Emerald Cultural Institute (ECI), one of the most prestigious language schools in Europe. The teaching in this school is wide ranging – not only is there ten hours a week of sports training and fifteen hours of English but also the students learn about the history, culture and art of Dublin. The maximum group size is 15 and students are placed in groups according to their age and level. Each Saturday there’s a full day excursion to places of interest in the city and surrounding area.

2- Malta: You might choose the island of Malta for a summer football camp. This excellent camp includes English classes, using a programme designed by the ESE school, which is where the residence is also located. The landscape and environment of Malta is unbeatable for the programme, ideal for taking part in sport and also enjoying a wonderful holiday. The English teachers are native speakers (in Malta there are two official languages – English and Maltese) who have been trained at the best establishments in England. The football training at the camp is run by experienced trainers, who are from Milan A.C and travel to Malta in order to run the coaching programme.

The summer camps offered by this world famous Italian club which has won the national league many times in the past are designed so that the young participants can develop their football skills, improve their English knowledge, make new friends from other nationalities and cultures as well as visit places of interest so they can get to know more about the place where they are staying.

All this takes place in a beautiful and fun setting, where in addition to the training, there are extra-curricular activities, ideal to enable the participants to relax after a hard day on the sports field. Students will enjoy outstanding amenities at both the sports complex and the accommodation, with the exclusive attention of the monitoring staff.

Without a doubt, any young footballer who attends a camp organised by AC Milan will notice the difference both on the football pitch and in their personal lives, given that this type of programme is designed not just to train people to be footballers but also to enhance their life skills as they grow to be adults.

To be able to learn about the spirit of Italian football and get to know the secrets that AC Milan have used to achieve their great success, don’t miss out on the chance to attend one of our summer camps.

The Paris Saint Germain (PSG) camp takes place in Paris, at the grounds of the HEC University. This camp provides a secure environment and has first class sports grounds and residence. In this international training programme we guarantee a marvellous multicultural environment and a programme of entertainment activities so that the young participants can enjoy a full and enriching experience which they will remember their whole lives.