Ertheo offers the best summer football camps abroad affiliated with well-known European teams such as Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid Dublin. Training programs for goalkeepers are availables.

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Summer campus

Real Madrid Soccer Camp in Dublin 2024

  • Location: Maynooth, Ireland (about one hour by car from Dublin)
  • Ages and genders: 11 - 17 years old (boys and girls)
  • Levels: Beginner/Intermediate

For young international Real Madrid fans (all levels) from 11 - 17 years old who want to celebrate their favorite club team while also attending ESL classes (English as a second language) to improve their English skills.

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We understand that sending a child to participate in one of these football camps abroad requires a great deal of effort, but the benefits certainly outweigh the doubts.  Participants get the unique opportunity to experience complete linguistic immersion, learn about other cultures, and make lasting friendships with other young athletes from all over the world.

At the PSG football camp in Paris and the Real Madrid football camp in Dublin, young athletes reap all the benefits mentioned above while training with coaches from some of the most successful clubs in European football. Both summer football camps abroad offer English classes, and the PSG football camp even offers a French course for interested students.

Boys and girls who decide to attend one of these summer football camps abroad in 2019 experience notable growth and improvement not only on the pitch but also as individuals. After leaving their comfort zones and learning to make their own decisions, these participants return home as mature and independent individuals with greater self-esteem and confidence.

Furthermore, young athletes who attend a summer football camp abroad have the opportunity to travel, to explore a new place, and to add this unique experience to their curriculum as students and future employees. In conclusion, a football camp abroad provides the perfect opportunity for young athletes to not only enjoy their holidays and their sport but also to mature and grow as individuals.