The best soccer camps in the US are affiliated with world-famous clubs like FC Barcelona. These US soccer camps offer a wide range of training options from goalkeeper training programs, to all girls programs, to high performance football academies, and more.

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Summer campus

FC Barcelona Soccer Camp in the USA 2022

  • Location: Casa Grande, Arizona, USA
  • Ages: 10 - 17 years old (program options for boys and girls)
  • Levels: Advanced/elite

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, the Barça USA Academy is only accepting players that currently reside in the United States.


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PSG High-Performance Football Camps in Miami

Logo Paris Saint-Germain Academy Pro
  • Localización: Miami, USA
  • Edades: From 12 to 18 years of age
  • Niveles: Intermediate, advanced, or elite

Designed for children between 12 and 18 years of age, both outfield players and goalkeepers, who play football at an intermediate, advanced, or elite level. Optional English course also available. World-class facilities.

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IMG Florida 2022

  • Location: Bradenton, Florida
  • Age and gender: Boys and girls ages 9 to 18 years old
  • Skill level: Intermediate, advanced or elite

The IMG Academy Soccer Camp offers an intensive soccer program or a combination of soccer and English classes for boys and girls ages 9 to 18 during the summer months.

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The popularity of soccer is on the rise in the United States. As a result, two of the greatest European football clubs (FC Barcelona and Manchester City) have decided to bring their soccer training programs to the USA to share their knowledge of the beautiful sport. The FC Barcelona and Manchester City soccer camps are two of the best soccer camps in USA.
For Americans, these soccer training programs offer a unique and valuable opportunity to explore European football techniques and strategy. For all other participants, soccer camps in the USA offer the opportunity to learn the methodologies of one of the greatest teams while being completely immersed in American culture.
The FC Barcelona camp is located in Casa Grande, Arizona. Participants in these programs are typically between 10 and 17 years old, and training sessions are short but intense and comprehensive. Participants get the chance to learn the best European training methodologies while exploring iconic American cities and American culture.
The MLS (Major League Soccer), America’s top league, was founded just 20 years ago in 1998. Since then, the league has doubled in size and has attracted well-known professional footballers from around the world like England’s David Beckham, Italy’s Andrea Pirlo, and Brazil’s Ricardo Kaká among many more.

The involvement of these well-known players in addition to the recent showings of European football matches on popular American television stations have played a crucial role in the sport’s newfound popularity.
The MLS (Major League Soccer), and US Soccer, the governing body of American soccer, are still working hard to develop more interest and better talent so that America’s youth has access to the resources and world-class training they need to become successful professional footballers. Both FC Barcelona and Manchester City are doing their part to help the cause by offering the best summer soccer camps in the US.
The USA women’s national soccer team is already one of the most successful women’s soccer teams in the world. They have won three World Cup titles and four gold medals at the Summer Olympics. To honor the success and popularity of women’s soccer in the USA, both FC Barcelona and Manchester City reserve various weeks during the summer to train girls at all girls soccer camps. This is a unique opportunity for girls as not all camps offer this exclusivity.
These top summer camps in the US offer American boys and girls as well as young footballers from all over the world an incredibly unique opportunity to learn the methodologies of the best European teams while exploring American cities and getting to know American culture.