As parents, we would like our children...

  • To be self sufficient
  • To learn languages
  • To be healthy
  • To enjoy doing whatever makes them happy.

At Etheo, we want to help you choose the best sports-education program for your children to help them reach their maximum potential.

Our Story

Officially, Ertheo is a commercial brand of Accom Consulting Spain S.L., a Spanish company registered in the Official Civil Registry of Malaga with CIF B92515113, in Volume 3501, Book 2413, Page 197.

Informally, our story is more interesting.

Everything started in 1998, when Christian Samuelsson, a youngster, half Danish and half Mexican, finished the university in Denmark and decided to come to Spain to learn Spanish and continue with a masters degree in England and Spain. Despite his origins, his Spanish knowledge was basic, so he decided to improve his level, first in Tarifa and later at the Malaga University.

It was not easy to reserve these courses abroad since he found obstacles with needed paperwork. He wasn´t able to pay by wiring a transfer from his country, so he had to travel personally to Spain, go to the bank and make a deposit for the course and enroll in person. It was also difficult for him to find and reserve housing. This personal experience made him think about how he could help other students like him and make their experience easier for them so they could study in Spain.
That is how the idea came about, and that is why we are who we are today…

Our Project

Ertheo is a great project and their objective is to offer educational and sports experiences that add value to the development of your children. Experiences that help them socialize, mature, make their own decisions and in the end, develop a personality that helps them improve their future.

  • Educational experiences so they can learn other languages and cultures
  • Sports experiences that instill good values and healthy lifestyles
  • Life experiences that allow them to learn and better themselves