Ertheo is a trade mark of Accom Consulting Spain S.L., a Spanish company registered in the official Commercial Register of Málaga, with CIF number B92515113, Volume 3501, Book 2413, Page 197.

Since 2001, Accom Consulting has been dedicated to helping students and youth from around the world to find a language program or summer camp to learn the language, practice sports such as football, and most importantly to have an unforgettable experience. Out goal is firstly to select the best schools and camps in the world, and secondly to help our customers choose the right program for their needs.

Accom Consulting is based in Spain, allowing us to improve our understanding of what our customers are looking for, and to provide a closer support base from the very first contact with our customers, right through until the end of their program.

What is the camps added value?

A summer camp can help a student improve their knowledge of another language, offers a life changing experience and helps better their chances at becoming an elite athlete. Furthermore, a sport camp can also play an important role in the personal development of the child.

The Customer Support Team

Our customer service team made up of Maria Pîzarro and Elena Gozalo is at your disposal to advise you on what you need. Both have extensive experience with soccer camps and know their services perfectly. They can advise you, clarify any questions that may come up, and provide you with all the information you need about our camps quickly and accurately.

We are aware of the insecurity that many parents may feel when faced with the reality of sending their children several days away from home, and this is why we can assure you that we will respond to you with absolute clarity and transparency.

Our goal is to help you choose the camp that best suits their needs so that it meets their expectations 100%.

  • Chrsitian Samuelsson

    My name is Christian and I am one of the co-founders of Accom Consulting back in 2001. Being a parent myself with two children I know how enriching it is for our children to go abroad and participate in a summer camp with other children from all over the world. And if the camp furthermore focuses on their favourite sport, offers a lot a great free time activities and language learning opportunities this is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children.

  • Elena Gozalo

    I am very happy to offer the soccer summer camps, because children have the chance to play their favorite sport, have fun, make friends and improve his or her English

  • María Pizarro

    My name is María and I have been helping parents to choose the best camp for children since 2012. I think it's very important for young people to do sports and learn languages ​​from the small age, and the opportunity to combine sport and languages ​​is a great idea and a fantastic experience for the boys and girls.

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