Empowering your children's Abilities Potential Capacity

  • Educational experiences Many of our sports programs offer language courses and promote cultural awareness and intercultural harmony.
    Young athletes who enroll in our programs and sports camps learn fundamental values and inspirational life lessons. By living together with other athletes from all over the world, they learn to respect others, to share with others, and even the importance of tidiness and organization.
  • Sports experiences Student athletes form stronger values and live healthier lifestyles.
    Our sports camps and programs are designed to improve young athletes’ physical fitness, technique, and mental strength on the field while at the same time teaching values such as discipline, hard work, and responsibility.
  • Life Experience Our sports programs offer young student athletes the life experience they need to grow into mature, responsible, confident adults.
    Participants in our sports camps and programs spend time away from home where they have the opportunity to grow and mature as self-sufficient individuals in a safe and supervised environment.

At Ertheo, we offer the best sports programs and educational programs to suit all levels and objectives. We offer everything from long-term intensive academic and sports training programs to short-term creative, artistic, and/or language-oriented summer camps.