At Ertheo, we offer the opportunity for serious soccer players to attend the best high performance football academy in the USA – established by FC Barcelona. Academy students capitalize on the unique opportunity to combine their academic studies with a demanding football training program and win a US university scholarship.

The United States educational system is famous for successfully balancing education and sport. This accomplishment along with soccer’s rising popularity in the USA has motivated FC Barcelona to establish a high performance football academy in Casa Grande, Arizona.
The academy accepts students from 13 to 19 years old. Programs range in duration from a couple months to the entire scholastic year (September – June) to various scholastic years.

For Americans, this program offers a unique and valuable opportunity to explore European football techniques and strategy. For all other participants, this academy in the USA offers the opportunity to learn the methodology of FC Barcelona while being completely immersed in American culture.
At the high performance football academy in the USA, students learn to balance a rigorous football training program with academic studies. This academy provides a great opportunity to win an athletic scholarship to a US university where students can continue to train and compete while earning a world-class education.