The FC Barcelona high performance football academy in the USA is one of the best football schools abroad. Academy students at the Barcelona soccer school in USA capitalize on the unique opportunity to combine their academic studies with a demanding professional soccer player training program and win a US university scholarship.

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Summer campus

FC Barcelona Arizona USA High-performance Winter Holiday Soccer Camps 2024

  • Location: Casa Grande, Arizona, USA
  • Ages: 10 – 17 years old, boys only
  • Level: Advanced

For advanced soccer players (boys only) from 10 to 17 years old who want to spend their winter holiday break improving their skills at one of the most successful soccer academies in the United States.

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FC Barcelona High Performance Football Academy in the USA 2024

  • Training: 20 h / week
  • English Classes: Available
  • Required Age: 13 - 19 years old
  • Lodging: Double and cuadruple room

FC Barcelona has partnered with the Grande Sports Academy in Arizona, USA to create the only U.S. soccer development academy program affiliated with a top international team. Students live, train, and study at the academy’s top-of-the-line facilities. Training follows FC Barcelona methodologies and even includes nutrition training. The FC Barcelona high performance soccer academy has many connections to college coaches in the US making it the perfect option for students who’d like to train and compete at a US university.

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If you are a talented and highly motivated footballer with the potential to play professionally, your best option might be to join the FC Barcelona High Performance Soccer Academy in Arizona, USA. Earn a world-class secondary education, and attend professional, elite soccer training while experiencing American culture firsthand.

The FC Barcelona High Performance Academy in Arizona offers talented footballers from all around the world the perfect opportunity to train with highly qualified FC Barcelona coaches while showcasing their talent to US university coaches.

If you’d like to attend an American university and compete in the American collegiate system, the high performance soccer academy in Casa Grande, Arizona is your perfect opportunity.


What are high performance academies?

High performance academies are boarding schools for footballers who have the potential to play professionally. They combine an intensive professional soccer player training program with a secondary education so that students have the opportunity to train at a professional level while they complete their studies.

High performance academies are characterized as academic institutions where talented young footballers can live, train, and study during the academic year while receiving personalized, unbiased advice and guidance about their best options for playing professionally.

Why attend the FC Barcelona High Performance Soccer Academy in Arizona, USA?

FC Barcelona, one of the most successful football clubs in the world, has partnered with Grande Sports Academy, one of the most successful youth soccer development academies in the United States, to create the FC Barcelona High Performance Soccer Academy in Arizona, USA.

The result? The FC Barcelona High Performance Academy is now one of the best football academies in the world and the only residential youth soccer development academy partnered with a top international professional team.

Players train with official FC Barcelona coaches and learn to play according to FC Barcelona’s famous Tiki-taka style of play characterized by short, quick passes and maintaining ball possession. At the same time, players attend the Arizona State University Preparatory Academy which prepares students for a successful future either at Arizona State University or any other prestigious American college or university.

Attending the high performance academy in Casa Grande, Arizona is the perfect opportunity for international students to experience American culture while showcasing their talent to American college coaches.

The FC Barcelona High Performance Academy has a 100% success rate. Every graduate from this world-class soccer school has either received a college scholarship (131) or signed a professional contract (33).

Why attend a high performance academy in the United States?

The FC Barcelona High Performance Academy is the perfect preparation for both American students and international students to enter American universities. In fact, students at the soccer academy receive a preparatory school education especially designed to prepare secondary students to enter American universities.

Furthermore, the United States education system is famous for successfully combining academic education and sport. American universities provide students with the opportunity to train to become professional soccer players in the MLS (Major League Soccer) while simultaneously earning a world-class education.

As students develop both academically, and on the football pitch, many confirm that their dream is to become a professional footballer and work hard to accomplish this goal. Others discover new passions and use their degrees to explore opportunities as professionals in other fields.

Lastly, the FC Barcelona High Performance Academy offers the perfect flexible, international learning environment for foreign students. Students come from all around the world to experience American culture and share their passion for football at the academy. While students learn to adjust to life outside of the comfort zone, teammates and classmates quickly become family, forming relationships and making memories that are sure to last a lifetime.

What ages of students are accepted into the FC Barcelona High Performance Academy in Arizona, USA?

The FC Barcelona High Performance Academy accepts students from around 13 to 18 years old and offers the equivalent of an American high school preparatory education.

  • Grade 9: 14-15 years
  • Grade 10: 15-16 years
  • Grade 11: 16-17 years
  • Grade 12: 17-18 years

That being said, education at the soccer academy is flexible. The academy offers rigorous, student-centered programs that allow students to learn at an individualized pace with access to tutors and counselors. Academically advanced students also have the opportunity to take college level courses and earn college credits.

Students can start their journey to becoming a professional soccer player at this football academy at the young age of 14 and choose to remain at the school for four years to complete their secondary education. Or, they can choose to attend the academy for one to two years and return to their original secondary schools with more advanced football skills and memories from Arizona, USA that are sure to last a lifetime.

How can I attend a soccer academy in the United States if I’m not from the United States?

The FC Barcelona High Performance Academy promotes a flexible international learning environment which caters to linguistic and cultural differences. Some international students may need to apply for a student visa to attend the academy, but applications are usually accepted.

Upon graduating, international students can either plan to attend American universities for a chance to get into the MLS or return to their home countries with newfound connections to professional leagues.

Academy alumni who are currently playing for prestigious European teams include Brooks Lennon for Liverpool FC, Josh Doughty for Manchester United, and Carlos Salcedo for ACF Fiorentina.

What is a typical day like at the high performance academy in Arizona?

From Monday to Friday, the students follow an organized time table. The day is divided into three primary parts: classes, training, and rest. In some cases, students train in the morning and attend classes in the afternoon; in other cases, students follow the opposite schedule with classes in the morning and training in the afternoon.

Weekends are usually dedicated to matches and/or tournaments and rest. On some weekends, the academies organize excursions so that students can explore the city where the academy is located and its surrounding areas.

During free time, students have access to the academy’s top-of-the-line facilities which include study rooms, game rooms with Ping-Pong tables and video game consoles, lounges with TVs, swimming pools, and even hot and cold plunge therapy pools that students can use for muscle recovery.

The FC Barcelona High Performance Academy has been named the BEST TRAINING FACILITY in the US by US Soccer for THREE consecutive years.

Booking information

Signing up for a high performance soccer academy in the United States can be a long process that comprises many important details, especially if you’re not from the U.S. You’ll have to make payments, make travel plans, prepare for the program, perhaps even request a visa, and more. In most cases, organizing travel services from the airport to the academy or completing visa applications requires constant communication and counsel.

Unfortunately, staff members at the soccer academy are experts in soccer training, not in customer service. As they prepare for students’ arrival, they’re often too busy to attend to the personal details of each participant. Ertheo sports and education agency provides a stress-free alternative to booking an academy program.

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At Ertheo, we are dedicated to helping young athletes reach their full potential. To accomplish our mission, we provide personalized assistance and counsel to each one of our clients. Not only will we help you choose the program best suited to your needs, but we’ll also assist you in completing all the steps along the way to ensure a safe and smooth arrival to the academy.

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  • Expert advice and counsel for choosing a program
  • Step-by-step guidance for completing forms and paperwork
  • Stress-free, easy booking and payment processing
  • Packing lists and soccer academy arrival guides
  • Security and protection should problems arise during your stay at the academy

By booking with Ertheo, you’ll avoid:

  • Automated customer service
  • Dealing with hard-to-reach academy directors or staff members
  • Spending an exorbitant amount of money of a program that doesn’t meet your objectives
  • Stressing over booking and payment information

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