There is no doubt that in Spain, football is King of sports. ‘La Liga’ is the best club competition in the world and its teams dominate the main international tournaments. Football is one of the trademarks of the Spanish brand and throughout the world, when people think of football they think of Spain.

At club level, the two maestros of national football, Real Madrid and Barcelona, have prevailed in Europe with a range of different continental titles in the past few seasons. It is also worth noting the significant role of Seville FC, a team featuring in the list of winners of the Europa League (previously UEFA Cup) with 4 championship trophies in its cabinet.

Spanish clubs dominate European competition but the national team has also had numerous successes, “La Roja” having won an historic triplet of titles (Euros-World Cup-Euros), something never before achieved by any national team.

All these extraordinary victories make Spain a clear focal point in the world of football and a model to follow for countries wishing to progress in the sport and even those that already have a footballing tradition.

Football is booming in Spain, there are huge numbers of participants, magnificent academies, and facilities as well as excellent coaches and monitors who run the training. What is certain is that football fever has created huge enthusiasm in young people who are eager to join annual specialist football academies where they can combine their favourite sport with studying. Our longer term academies use a system of sporting/academic learning so that students develop their sporting prowess alongside continuing their formal education.