Empowering your children'sAbilitiesPotentialCapacity

  • Educational experiences through language learning, cultural Exchange and collective coexistence.
  • A unique opportunity to learn beyond the academic field: your kid will learn to be organized, to share and to respect his/her classmates.

  • Sports experiences to promote strong values and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Sport has a dual role. On one hand, it empowers the educative values of discipline, hard work and responsibility; and on the other, it helps the youngsters to improve their technique, tactical awareness and team mentality.

    Life experiences to help children grow as people.

    Spending some time away from home, far from the family environment, encourages youngsters to move outside of their comfort zone. This can play a positive role in boosting self-sufficiency and maturity.

At Ertheo, you will find the best sports and educational programs to suit all levels and objectives. From long-term academic and sports training programs to short-term sports, creative, artistic and language-oriented summer camps.