<strong>Rugby Camps</strong> have great advantages for boys and girls who want to enjoy this sport for a few weeks in the summer, as well as combining the training sessions with practicing the English language. The students will be able to learn new tactics and moves and will also learn about the history of this classic sport. The rugby camps take place in England, where the sport began and where it is played at international level. Below are the available options:

Rugby originated in the XIX century and is a contact sport with the difference that the ball used is oval-shaped. Big fans of rugby consider it to be a noble sport and tradition states that the two teams used to meet up after the games to talk together and forget about the competition on the field. Even though they are similar, rugby is nothing like American football, since, although they use the same type of ball and goalposts, the rules are completely different. Rugby is one of the British Isles’ most popular sports, although it also has many followers in Oceania, Argentina and France.

Due to the great significance of rugby in England, the majority of rugby Camps are located there.


The rugby camps in England offer a combination of physical and technical training sessions and English classes, with several hours being dedicated to each activity every day. These camps are aimed at boys and girls of various levels, i.e. those who have being playing rugby for several years, as well as those who would like to start playing rugby and begin to understand the basic notions and moves. The aim of these camps is for the participants to enjoy their summer together with new friends and to share their passion for rugby in a good atmosphere.

The programmes available in England are:


  • Rugby Camp in the UK: this camp takes place in the southwest of England and offers a combination of rugby training and English classes. The students will play games between themselves and will enjoy technical and physical classes with the academy’s coaches.

  • Rugby Camp in Leicester: the Anglophiles academy offers camps for boys and girls aged between 11 and 17 years old, which combine English classes, rugby training and other activities to help promote companionship so that all the students live together happily.