The passion for football in England is enormous. Association football, also known as soccer actually originated in England and ever since it was first played millions of English people have been devoted to the sport.

The Premier League is the highest division of the football league in England and Wales and, together with the Spanish La Liga, is considered the best national league in the world.

The most prestigious clubs in England domestically and also internationally are Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City.

The camp is located in the famous football city of Manchester in an in academy which combines English study with football coaching during an academic year.

This Academy is open all year round and the age range for enrolment is from 16 to 21 years. The level of football required is intermediate or advanced.

We run intensive and professional coaching in 5 sessions from Monday to Friday. However, it is not all sport. During their stay in Britain, participants will also participate in an excellent educational programme, principally, to improve their English.

Students will have a total of 15 hours a week English classes with the Berlitz Language Centre. Lessons are delivered by experienced languages teachers to groups of young people from a wide variety of cultures.

Berlitz utilises a teaching methodology based on the football dynamic and personalised according to the interests of each student.

On arriving at the Academy the young footballers are initially assessed for their sporting ability as well as their English skills. We use this to assign participants to a group which is most appropriate to their football and language skills.

The best way of learning English is to live for an extended period of time in an English speaking country. In this annual academy young footballers are immersed in English not only during their language classes but also with the trainers and their classmates from different countries. Thus the students are compelled to use English constantly, guaranteeing a total language immersion.

The annual academy is located in Manchester and offers two fantastic accommodation opportunities: student residences (John Lester and Eddie Colman Court), or English speaking homestay families where they will be immersed in English 24 hours a day.

Other added value offered by the annual academies

As well as improving their English and football level, these annual academies enable the young people to experience a personal growth, to become more outgoing, to learn the importance of team working, about the advantages of sport as well as benefiting from the experience of living with other young people from different nationalities. Being separated from their parents for an extended period of time, the students become more mature, responsible and self sufficient.

Moreover by helping young people develop their English to a higher level, their academy stay gives them a great advantage in the employment market later on.

Ultimately, all these are the great benefits that young people will gain from participating in an annual football academy.