“The only official Barcelona International Academy outside of Barcelona”

The international football academy of FC Barcelona is located in Arizona, in the United States. Apart from La Masia, it is the only other official academy of this great club. The academy’s team competes in the US Soccer Development Academy tournament, the most important competition of America’s lower leagues, where the country’s 70 best clubs compete.

Programme aims

* Prepare footballers (both outfield players and goalkeepers) to reach the standard that will enable them to obtain a contract in professional football and/or even be selected to compete to represent their country.

* Prepare footballers who want to prepare for a university scholarship to study and compete in the USA.

* Help students learn values and support them in achieving sporting and academic excellence.

Available programmes

See below for details about the programmes available at the academy:

Long term programmes

  • Full programme running from August to June

Short Programmes

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Client Opinion

Long term courses

Option A:

Full student: Includes sports programme, full board accommodation and educational programme.

Education programme:

The FC Barcelona football academy in the USA has an educational center within its facilities. This educational center works with ASU (Arizona State University) to offer an advanced education in the follow grades:

  • Grade 9
  • Grade 10
  • Grade 11
  • Grade 12

At ASU, the students are well-prepared for success. They receive personalized attention that allows them to excel in their education, compete at an international level, and give back to their communities.

The Academy

This proficiency football academy has been running since 2010. All participants who graduate from this academy have either been successful in signing a contract as a professional footballer or have obtained a university sports scholarship at universities such as Stanford, UCLA and Virginia. The national squad of the United States Sub-20 currently have in its ranks 5 of the academy’s ex-alumni. No other academy in the United States has more than one player in its selection.

In total, 68 sports men and women who graduated from Grande have competed internationally representing their country. The teams from this football academy have had great success in the national championship of the US Soccer Development Academy (USSDA), winning the tournament once, coming second twice and reaching the national finals in four of its first five years in existence.

A footballer at the Barça Academy USA dribbling past a defender during a game
Footballers at the FC Barcelona academy in the USA celebrating a goal during a game

Ex Alumni

Below are some of the players who trained at this academy:

  • Brooks Lennon – Liverpool FC 2015
  • Josh Doughty Manchester United
  • Carlos Salcedo ACF Fiorentina

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For more Information

The Staff

  • Photo of football coach Xavi Bravo at the Barça Academy
  •  Image of football trainer Sean McCafferty at the FC Barcelona academy in the USA

Selection process for the annual programme

Only a small number of players each year are accepted on to the intensive year-long coaching programme at this proficiency academy. To have any chance of success applicants must either participate in one of the camps or attend a trial day to enable the trainers to assess whether they have the skills and aptitude to be awarded a place.

Option 1- In person: Selection trials

The academy runs short programmes, from 2 to 8 weeks, which are open to all young people who want to demonstrate their skills and get to know at first-hand how the academy works.

Taking part in a full course in a football academy involves a substantial investment in the future. If you want to be sure that your child has potential as a footballer before taking a decision that will involve considerable expense, we highly recommend that they attend one of the trial days, where the professional staff at the academy can analyse their ability and tell you about the best options, taking into account their skills and potential.

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