Achieve the American dream with Ertheo !

Looking for an opportunity to spend a year studying and playing sport at an American university?

If your son or daughter has a particular sporting talent and would like to study for a year (or for their whole undergraduate course) at a university in the United States with the help of a sports scholarship, we might be able to help you.

What we offer?

We offer the opportunity for young people to have the experience of a lifetime spending a year studying in an American university where they will get the chance to develop skills in their particular sport while continuing their higher education, studying English and making friends from different countries and cultures, making it an even more enriching experience. At the end of the year, students choose whether to return home or continue their degree course in the US.

The programme consists of a complete package of services to guide you through the complex process of finding the US university which best fits your son or daughter’s academic and sporting needs:

  • Search for a university which meets the needs of the student
  • Advice in the required self-introduction video and a sports/academic curriculum vitae for the student which will be used to accompany their application to the universities of choice
  • Advice during the whole process
  • Help with the enrolment process and visa applications
  • Negotiation with universities to obtain the best possible conditions
  • Possibilities to obtain a full scholarship covering 100% of studies
  • Accommodation and maintenance in the US.

Being awarded a total or partial scholarship to spend a year in the US studying and improving sports skills or spending an entire degree/sports course there does not depend only on the applicant’s academic or sporting aptitude, it’s a process that requires time, commitment, knowledge of the various stages and the time involved, as well as the ability to negotiate the offers of the universities in order to achieve the best possible results.

Why the United States?

Sending your son or daughter to the United States is the best investment in their future you can make and there are many reasons why the US is an excellent choice as a destination for university study, here are a few:

  • The United States is a country which offers more opportunities to sports-oriented students who want to continue their higher education without giving up the chance to practise their favourite sport.
  • The standard of sport in Europe, for example in tennis and above all football is very high, which offers a great boost to the chances of being awarded a sports scholarship.
  • Students can perfect their English, obtaining a skill which could be vital to their future.
  • Thanks to its prestige at academic level, studying in the US opens doors for graduates in the global employment market.
  • It is a unique opportunity for the young person to develop and mature as a person, going abroad, leaving their comfort zone, dealing with language barriers and getting to know people from different countries and cultures. It is an experience which encourages an extraordinary personal and cultural growth.

Why seek professional help instead of applying to a university yourself?

It’s not enough just to have great academic and sporting abilities if you want to identify the best opportunities. However talented the young person you won’t find the best universities if you don’t know where they are. As well as this, obtaining a sport scholarship involves a long and complex process which requires considerable time and knowledge about the various stages you have to go through.

Here are some of the reasons why you should seek the help of professionals if you want to apply for a sports scholarship from the US.

Through an organisation which is set up to manage this process you can ensure your application will be more visible. For the universities it is more straightforward to review the curriculums sent to them by professional agencies because they know that these profiles will meet their criteria.

It’s a complex process with several stages to complete within established timeframes. The risk of not being fully knowledgeable about the process combined with the hectic lives that most people lead make it possible we could forget one or other crucial steps we need to take to maximise the chances of success. A professional agency will oversee your application at every stage to ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled and deadlines are met.

The application process takes considerable time, especially if you don’t know all the options for your son/daughter and all the steps you have to take. By using the help of professionals you’ll save a lot of time and effort and all you will have to do is follow the instructions and advice that the team of advisers give you.

Why choose us?

Ertheo collaborates with the leading organisation in the US sector

which has helped bring to reality the dreams of more than 30,000 students to gain a scholarship to study and play sport in the US. Having a collaborating partner located in the country of destination is a guarantee, not just for the applicants but also for the universities.

Because of our wide experience

our collaborating partner in the US has 30 years’ experience helping students to fulfil their academic and sporting goals. They have the best network of contacts and great knowledge of how to obtain the best opportunities.

Because of our knowledge of the sector

the majority of other companies only have contacts in 10 or 15 universities in the US, we on the other hand can promote your profile to as many as 2,000. It’s not just the most well-known universities that offer the largest scholarships or the best sporting opportunities, with our knowledge we open the range of opportunities for you.

Because of our clarity and transparency

we only accept students who fulfil the minimum of academic and sporting criteria. We are not just about promoting full scholarships but are also committed to finding the option which corresponds best to the academic level and sporting talent of the student.

Because of our continuous advice

we advise you before, during and after the process. It’s normal to have a multitude of questions and we have an expert team of advisers on hand to help you through this and tell you about all the stages you have to go through.

Because of the technology we use

we have an online presence which means that you can contact us from home or work, or wherever you are. All you need is Internet access to be able to talk to us.

Why start the application process today?

If you want to identify the best opportunities it’s important that you start the process as soon as possible. Although it might seem early, if your son or daughter has reached the age of 15 or 16, this could be the perfect age where you might start to promote their profile.

No matter how good the student is or how great their sporting talent is, if there’s another applicant with a lesser profile but who has completed the process earlier, they may be accepted, which removes one more place.

There are universities that start to look for possible candidates as much as two years before the start date. If your son/daughter is clear about their future objectives, don’t miss the opportunity to begin this process promptly.

Case Studies

Here are some examples of young people who have already completed a sports scholarship in the United States.

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