Basketball is a sport which is becoming more and more popular. It has lots of advantages for children since it improves their coordination, concentration and agility. During the summer, there are various basketball camps available around the world, in countries such as Spain, England and the United States. As well as physical exercise and improving the students’ level of play, these camps have many advantages: they include English classes, create an international and multicultural atmosphere and help the participants to socialise, mature and grow as a person. Below is a list of the basketball camps we have available:

In these camps the children will be taught all the techniques of basketball. Moreover, professional coaches will correct any errors without the children even noticing and will give them advice and recommendations on how to improve their game.

The students will be able to share their passion for basketball with new friends from other countries and will have to communicate in English on many occasions. This will be reinforced through English classes, so they will be taking full advantage of their time at the camp.

Basketball camps in Spain

  • Camp Rialp: this camp takes place in the Pyrenees, a beautiful place surrounded by nature, which is visited by many children who participate in the numerous summer camps on offer. The programme includes Spanish, French or English classes, basketball training and lots of workshops and activities, resulting in the children taking full advantage of their holidays and returning home with wonderful memories of their experience.

Basketball camps in England

In the United Kingdom there are various options available, with the advantage of linguistic immersion and the great variety of nationalities who participate in these programmes.

  • Basketball camp in England: this camp takes place in an English school during the months of July and August. As well as training and enjoying basketball for 3 hours a day, the students can study English and participate in games organised by the entertainment team. During the weekend, excursions are programmed so that they can see some of the prettiest places in England.

  • The Nike Camps: children from all over the world participate in this camp, which includes accommodation in halls of residence and a programme of leisure activities.

Basketball camps in the United States

In the United States there are two basketball summer camps. Each has different characteristics which adapt to all tastes and calendars:

  • The IMG camp: this camp offers one of the most professional programmes with the best facilities in the country. This camp stands out due to its unbeatable location on the Florida coast, its excellent facilities and especially for its magnificent high performance training programme. English classes are also a possibility.