England is the home of soccer, where it was born in 1815, and the British have adored this sport ever since.There are really great clubs here that participate in the most important competitions like the Champions League and Europa League.

Many children dream of becoming great players in the Premier League, one of the most important in the world, and belonging to one of its world-famous teams like Manchester, Chelsea, or Arsenal among others. England's most important clubs organize soccer camps every summer. If you want your child to train like the professionals do for a few weeks while learning English and enjoying themselves to the fullest, choose a camp in England and help fulfill one of their dreams.

What do the soccer camps consist of?

The best English soccer clubs have joined with the most prestigious English schools in top-flight facilities to offer young soccer lovers the opportunity to spend an incredible summer learning all the secrets of this sport and improving their level of languages.

These camps are organized with a team of professionals that will make children feel at home at all times. Monitors, coaches, and teachers are experienced and motivated so that the children have fun like never before and always remember this wonderful experience.

When do these camps take place?

During the summer months, if you want your child to have the best school vacation of their life playing in the soccer camp of their favorite team, don't hesitate to opt for a summer soccer camp.

What level is necessary to get into these camps?

There are camps for all soccer levels and for ages between 8 and 18 years. Each camp has its own way of organizing the groups. There are camps that are organized by age and at the same time others that are organized by level. It is important to take the preferences of your child into account at the time of selecting the camp so that it meets 100% their expectations considering that for each one the hours and level of training vary. If you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to help you choose the best camp for your child.

How many hours of training do the youngsters have in the camp?

It depends on the camp. There are some that are focused in a more in-depth way on training and others that devote fewer hours a week to it. Choosing one or the other depends on the needs and goals of your child, if they are just looking to have fun or if they take soccer more seriously and want to do more intensive daily training.

Do they have English classes in the soccer camps?

Of course, all the soccer camps located in England offer, in addition to training, English classes. These classes are taught by accredited academies and with teachers specifically selected to encourage children and make it so that they learn the most possible. Upon arriving at the camp the children take a test to place them at the most appropriate level.

The children interact with one another in English not only in the classes, but also with the monitors, coaches, and peers of other nationalities. In this way the language immersion is total and their learning is much greater.

What else do they learn in these camps?

In addition to improving their English and their level of soccer by learning all the techniques and secrets of this sport, these camps help children to continue forming their personality, to learn about all that is good in sports, to work as a team, and to live together with other people of a myriad of nationalities. In addition, the reality of being separated from their parents for a few weeks makes them gain maturity and independence. They have fun, they keep studying during the summer, and they meet new people and learn about new places.

In short, it is a pleasant experience that they will enjoy and that will make them grow as a person.