Our Company Policy

We are a young team of employees from different countries, languages, and cultures – something which enhances our global vision, open-mindedness, and tolerance.

Ertheo promotes workplace equality. Our male/female employee ratio is approximately 50%. Additionally, our conciliation policy helps us to achieve a healthy work-life balance.

In our office, it’s extremely clear that we value education and sport. Ertheo promotes the further education of their employees and funds books and training courses to help them grow as professionals. In terms of sport, Ertheo animates us to participate in any and all sporting events by funding our  enrollment.

Ertheo is commited to doing their part to protect the enviroment

At Ertheo, we have been working to improve our environmental policy. Currently, we recycle paper, plastic, and glass. We also turn in the caps of these containers to be used to raise money for community volunteer work. We print only when absolutely necessary and we reuse paper whenever possible. We try to ventilate the office naturally. However, Malaga’s heat does occasionally obligate us to turn on the air conditioning.

At least 50% of our employees utilize public transportation to commute to work. Also, we are proud to say we are a smoke free office! At the moment, none of us are smokers!

Ertheo in the run for women against cancer in Málaga

Ertheo’s female staff put on their running shoes to run for a great cause, to raise money for the fight against cancer. It turned out to be a great experience full of positivity and energy, and we would do it again without a doubt. Sport is one of the best ways to fight against this sickness and we are proud to have contributed.

At Ertheo, we believe that the combination of education and sports is essential to living a happy and healthy life. Not only do we transmit this belief to our clients, but we also follow our own advice. At Ertheo, we are all motivated to participate in sporting events (especially if they support a good cause), and Ertheo funds all enrollments.

Promoting english language learning through football

We love to collaborate with people who do interesting things! We love it even more if they share our philosophy that the unity of education and sports is essential to helping young people reach their maximum potential. For that reason, we’re helping Anna María Speight, an English professor from Ireland, to promote her innovative new book The Verb to be of Football. She wrote this book to help young passionate footballers (with an A2 or B1 level of English) learn English in a fun and interesting way. The Verb to be of Football (www . andavira . com/?lang=esp)is highly entertaining and full of beautiful illustrations which help the children immerse themselves in the adventures of the story’s protagonists Paco and Pepe as they learn.

Ertheo is an official sponsor of the women's football team CD HONEYBALL

Ertheo supports women’s football and works hard to give female athletes the attention and awareness they deserve. We are proud to be official sponsors of the women’s football team CD Honeyball. The brave, determined, and talented female athletes of CD Honeyball prove week after week that women’s football can be just as passionate and entertaining as men’s football. Not only are they excellent athletes, but they also demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship on and off the pitch. Let’s go girls!

Volunteer campaign - 25 reasons to help us save lives

We’re currently running a volunteer campaign called 25 Reasons to Help us Save Lives. Ertheo has designed and produced beautiful running T-shirts whose profit will go to helping promote education and sports in unfortunate disadvantaged regions around the world. Discover the 25 reasons you should buy yourself a T-shirt. Get yours today!

Our collaboration with the NGO RED DEPORTES

We collaborate with Red Deporte, a non-profit organization that operates in over 20 countries in Africa, South America, and Asia. Their mission is to improve education, health, and social integration through sports.

Our collaboration with the NGO doesn’t stop at a simple monthly donation. We believe in their cause. Therefore, we work with Red Deporte on a regular basis. We consistently help them with their online marketing, webpage optimization,
and social media strategy to help them reach more people in need.

Foro Ertheo - Bullying & Deporte

Come to our Bullying & Sports Forum on October 18, 2017 in the courtroom at the University of Málaga law school. Sign up for free here.

Ertheo is organizing this exclusive event. We are collaborating with the Málaga City Council, Málaga FC, and Unicaja to offer practical and theoretical conferences regarding bullying and sports. Round table discussion will take place about the many ways that sports can help to vanquish this social dilemma. Registration is open to all the public, and university students studying law, psychology, and education are highly encouraged to sign up. We’ll be waiting for you!