<strong>Water sports</strong> are one of the most fun and refreshing options for the summer. The summer camps that offer water sports also offer English classes, so that fun goes hand in hand with learning. In these camps the children can do windsurfing, canoeing, kitesurf, paddle surf, sailing or another fun activity which consists in building rafts to go down the river. Here are the available options:

BSC water sports camp in England

This programme is the perfect option for water sports lovers who want to improve their level of English since, apart from the 3 hours a day of language classes included in the camp, during three afternoons a week there are water sports activities, from canoeing to learning how to build a raft to go down the river. Moreover, there will be a fabulous international atmosphere and the linguistic immersion will allow the students’ English to improve in a short space of time. Boys and girls aged between 8 and 17 years old can participate, even if they have never done water sports before.

Water sports camps in Spain

The Sotogrande International School offers the opportunity to boys and girls aged between 8 and 17 years old to go to a camp to practice their English as well as enjoying water sports like paddle surf or kitesurf. Its privileged location on the Costa del Sol, very close to Cadiz and a few kilometres from magnificent beaches, converts this camp in a unique option to spend a different summer enjoying sport and friends.