Earn money promoting our sports camps

Do you know any youngsters (or parents of youngsters) that play football, tennis, golf or one of the many other sports that we offer?

Would you like earn money promoting or selling our camps and academies?

If so, we would be delighted to work with you.

We offer attractive commissions and a choice of collaboration options to suit you.

As well as sports academies, clubs and coaches, we also work with agencies and professionals in the language and education travel sector.

Why work with us?

  • Generous commissions: There is great potential to earn good commission promoting our exclusive programs.
  • You decide how you want to collaborate: Whether you want to generate leads for us to convert or take care of the whole selling process yourself (or a combination of both), we can create a package to suit you.
  • White label marketing material: We offer our agents a full package of white label marketing materials that can be used to promote our programs.
  • Online agent panel: You can follow all your clients and bookings in our agent panel.
  • We are experts in the sector: We have been offering sports camps, high performance sports academies and language courses since 2001.
  • High-quality, high-demand services: We offer the most exclusive sports camps and academies on the market.
  • Great support and customer service: We have a fantastic team that advises and assists you or your clients throughout the whole process.
  • We speak your language: Our staff can assist you in Spanish, English, French, Dutch or Danish.