Every summer, the Real Madrid Foundation offers soccer camp places to boys and girls aged between 9 and 17 years of age. Participants can spend their summer break playing soccer, meeting like-minded youngsters from around the world, and enjoying range of activities and excursions organized by the Foundation's team of professionals.

The camp provides a combination of soccer training programs and 'experience activities' to ensure that each student has a summer they will never forget.

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Available Programs

  • Standard programme:
    For players or goalkeepers of all abilities. Coaching takes place in Valdebebas and participants stay in the Erasmo de Rotterdam residence.
  • Technical programme:
    For federated players or goalkeepers. The coaching takes place at the Villaviciosa de Odon sports complex and participants stay at the residence of the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

Camp Rating

Camp details

15 h / week
English Classes:
Required Age:
9 - 17 years
Double Room
Price from:
1650 € 2 weeks

Age Ratio:
9 - 11
12 - 14
15 - 17
Boys / Girls Ratio:
Top 5 nationalities:
United States
United Kingdom

Client Opinion

Camp Rating

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Real Madrid Training

All training is carried out by specially-selected team from the Real Madrid Foundation. The training sessions are split into two sessions with 90 minutes in the morning and another 60 minutes in the afternoon.

Football Training

Standard Training Program

Training Languages:
Languages spoken by coaches:
Spanish, English

Levels of training offered by the camp:
Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
How are the groups organized?
Level and Age

Number of children per group:
Training surface:
Artificial grass
Performance Training Program

Training Languages:
Languages spoken by coaches:
English, Spanish

Levels of training offered by the camp:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
How are the groups organized?
Level and Age

Number of children per group:
Training surface:
Artificial grass

There are two specific training programs at the Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience: Standard and technical. Each program involves training schemes suited to the level and ability of the children. However, children who take part in the technical program must be affiliated to a local team.

The standard programme takes place at Valdebebas Football Centre while the technical programme is held at the Villaviciosa complex as well as at the sports facilities of the Universidad Europea de Madrid.

In both programs, the participants will learn many different techniques and tactics related to soccer including shooting, marking, ball skills, dribbling, ball handling and tackling.

The technical programme also has extra hours of football training, including classes of theory and strategy and visualisation of games.

In addition, children will take part in is a series of activities scheduled throughout the rest of the day known as the “Experience.” These endeavours can vary depending on the date and time and are organized with the intention of developing and motivating the youngsters, while ensuring that they enjoy themselves to the fullest during their stay.

The Club

Real Madrid CF was founded in 1902 by students at the Residencia de Estudiantes in Madrid. The club was originally known as Madrid Football Club.

Real Madrid was integrated into the Spanish League from day one and remains one of three clubs that have never been relegated from the top flight of Spanish football - the others being Barcelona and Athletic Club de Bilbao.

Today, Real Madrid is one of the most respected sports organisations in the world and was hailed as the best team of the 20th century by football’s world governing body FIFA. As a result of its success, the team can boast the highest number of fans in Spain, with over 30% of football enthusiasts in Spain supporting Real Madrid.

In 1929, Real Madrid were runners up in the very first Spanish League, and in 1931 they were ordered to remove the ‘Real’ part of their name by the Second Spanish Republic. They eventually regained the title 10 years later and have been known as Real Madrid ever since.

In 1947, a new stadium was built, in what was then the outskirts of the city of Madrid. The new arena was named after the elected president, Santiago Bernabéu, who came to have a strong influence over the team. It was during the long presidency of Santiago Bernabéu that Real Madrid saw some of its greatest victories. This was the time of Di Stefano (AKA “Saeta Rubia” or “Blond Arrow”) who was widely-regarded as one of the elite European players of the 1950s. With Di Stefano leading the attack, Real Madrid won a grand total of 19 titles in 10 years.

After Di Stefano came other legendary names such as Zoco, Pirri, Sanchís, Velázquez, Amancio and Gento. These players were the predecessors of a new elite group of players that would emerge known as the “Quinta de Buitre” (“Vulture’s Cohort”).

This group saw the skills of Emilio Butragueno, Miguel Pareza, Manuel Sanchís, Michel, and Martín Vázquez brought together at the same time with devastating effect. With this group Real Madrid won five consecutive league titles from the mid-80s to the start of the 90s.

A seventh European Cup success was reached with another combination of players, known as the ‘Los Galácticos’ (The Galactics) due to the millionaire price-tags and superstar status of the new signings. This era saw players such as Figo, Ronaldo, Beckham and Zidane brought together in an attempt to modernise the club and bring financial success. However, they ultimately failed to live up their huge expectations

Following this period, the club were overshadowed for a long period by arch rivals Barcelona who won numerous trophies under the guidance of Pep Guardiola. However, in 2011, Real Madrid began their return to the top with a Copa del Rey victory over their rivals. They followed up that win with a league title in 2012, a Spanish Supercup in the same year, another Copa del Rey win in 2014 and UEFA Champions League titles in 2014 and 2016. Real Madrid now hold a record 11 European Champions League titles.

Sporting success of Real Madrid FC

Real Madrid FC can boast countless trophies in its 110 years of history, including:

  • 11 European Cup/UEFA Champions League
  • 2 UEFA Cups
  • 2 UEFA Super Cups
  • 19 Copa del Reys
  • 9 Supercopas de España
  • 32 La Liga titles
  • 1 FIFA World Club Championship

With 11 European Cup victories to their name, Real Madrid are entitled to wear the multiple-winner badge on its left sleeve during UEFA Champions League matches - an honour only bestowed on teams that have won the event more five times or more.

Agenda Real Madrid

There are two types of activities planned for the different formats of the Real Madrid summer camp in Madrid:

  • Activities using the Campus Experience formula
  • Sports and leisure activities

weekly timetable Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience

  • Activities using the Campus Experience formula:

    These activities may involve 60, 90 and 120-minute sessions spread across the campus training days. They may take place in the morning or afternoon, or sometimes both.

    The content of the sessions will depend on the chosen camp format and which residence the students are staying in.

    The “Campus Experience” sessions deal with tactics, strategies and the theoretical and technical concepts of soccer. In addition, students learn the values of hard work and camaraderie. They will also explore the roles of lifestyle, healthy eating and motivation in the life of an athlete.

  • Sports and leisure activities:

    These sports-related activities take full advantage of the fantastic facilities on offer such as the swimming pools. The students in each group will rotate through the different activities as part of their daily schedule, giving them the opportunity to get better acquainted.

    Parents can also enjoy gatherings with their children in the residence halls and tutorials with the trainers later on in the day.

Alojamiento Real Madrid

The location of accommodation at the Real Madrid Foundation summer camp may vary depending on the type of program selected. The camp offers two types of programs:

  • Standard football camp
  • Technical football camp

Standard football camp


The accommodation for the standard football camp is located in the Erasmo Residence at the Autonomous University of Madrid. All rooms are double and have their own bathrooms, a telephone, air conditioning and internet access. The children also have use of the other facilities at the residence including the relaxation room (with television and DVD player), games rooms, study rooms, cafeteria and laundry. The centre is also equipped with night-time surveillance.


Training sessions are held in Valdebebas where the extensive facilities include 12 football pitches (of natural and artificial turf), changing rooms, medical centre and a cafeteria.

Technical football camp


Students who attend the technical football program will stay in the Residences of the European University of Madrid, situated in Villaviciosa de Odón. The accommodation is equipped with all modern conveniences including a library, study room, games room, computer room and theatre. The students stay in double rooms that benefit from air conditioning and fabulous views of the University's exterior gardens. They will also be able to enjoy the fantastic swimming pool in their free time.


Training sessions for the technical camp are held at the Municipal Pitches of Villaviciosa de Odón, and at the facilities of the European University of Madrid.

There is internet available at both locations but its usage is restricted - as is the case with mobile phones. The children will only be able to use their phones during specified hours, in order to communicate with their families.


Whatever program is chosen, students at the Real Madrid Foundation camps will be under the supervision of dedicated group monitors at each location.

The residence halls are closed premises that maintain their own security 24 hours a day.

The students residing in the halls will be under the tutelage of a team of Real Madrid Foundation trainers and assistants during the training sessions.

At night, the children are under the supervision of the camp monitors who also spend the night in the same facilities. Each course also has a director who provides a point of contact for the parents of the students.

  • Personal contact in English
  • Extensive experience in this field
  • Easy payment options

Precios Real Madrid

Duration (Weeks) Real Madrid
Real Madrid StandardReal Madrid Technification (only affiliates)
2 Weeks1650 €2150 €
3 Weeks2625 €3350 €
4 Weeks3600 €4300 €
5 Weeks4575 €5600 €
6 Weeks5550 €6450 €
7 Weeks6525 €-
8 Weeks7500 €-
9 Weeks8475 €-
10 Weeks9450 €-
11 Weeks10425 €-
12 Weeks11400 €-

These courses are subject to a registration fee of 125€ charged by the camp

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Starting Dates

Real Madrid Standard

18 June

Places available

02 July

Places available

16 July

Places available

30 July

Sold out

13 August

Limited places

27 August

Limited places

Real Madrid Technification (only affiliates)

02 July

Places available

16 July

Places available

30 July

Sold out

Included in the price
  • The official soccer training program of the Real Madrid Foundation
  • Accommodation consisting of double rooms in residence halls
  • Full board for students (breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner)
  • Transportation to and from the training facilities and during leisure activities
  • Leisure and recreational activities in the afternoons and on the weekends
  • Staff dedicated to the care of the camp students
  • Sanitas health insurance
Not included in the price
  • Airport transfers
  • Flights
  • Cancellation insurance

Transfer Service

This camp offers an optional airport transfer service for added convenience. If you choose this service, your child will be collected by a supervisor from Barajas airport and escorted to the camp, and vice versa on the way back. This service is available at an additional cost as indicated below:

  • Transfer (return): €200
  • Transfer (one-way): €150

Insurance policies

  • Camp cancellation or interruption insurance

    If you want to rest assured that you can recover your money in the event that your child is unable to attend the camp or has to interrupt their stay in the camp because of unforeseen circumstances - our cancellation insurance policy may be of interest to you. More information here

  • Travel insurance

    We also offer a travel insurance policy that also includes medical assistance for just €8/week (for EU citizens) or €15/week (for the rest of the world).  Details of the full policy coverage can be found here


To book a place at the Real Madrid Foundation, it is necessary to pay a deposit corresponding to 50% of the total amount. The remainder must be paid before May 31st.

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