<strong>Motorsports camps</strong> offer the perfect experience for boys and girls who want to spend an adrenaline-filled summer, combining their passion for wheels and the sound of an engine, with English classes. The students will learn how the great professionals and stars of the motor racing world began their careers thanks to these type of camps, which mainly take place in Spain. Below are the options available for enjoying a summer camp dedicated to racing:

Formula 1 and motor bikes are two of the most popular motorsports in the world. The champions of these sports cause excitement in every racing track and their fans buy out all the entrance tickets every time there is a major competition in any country.  All the professionals begin to compete from a base sport, such as karting and motocross, although more and more people practice these sports as a hobby in their free time.

Motorsports are very important in Spain, which is the country which has the greatest offer of camps related to motorbikes and cars.

The motor camps in Spain offer English classes and training sessions with motorbikes and karts, as well as entertaining activities so that the boys and girls don’t have time to get bored. The camps are for students of all levels of both English and motorsports and all the sports activities are aimed at entertaining rather than achieving high performance. The main objective is for all the students attending the camp to enjoy the summer sharing their passion and love of motorsports with new friends.

Andorra is the base for the two motor camps that we offer and which are detailed below:


  • Camp Rial Motocross Camp: the Moto Camp in Andorra focuses on learning English and having fun on motorbikes. The training sessions are devoted to putting into practice different techniques and types of motocross on a track for children designed by Christian España, a raids and Dakar 2016 driver. The motorbike that the students will use will be the four-stroke Honda CRF 100, one of the best for beginners.

  • Camp Rial: this camp also combines English classes with kart training and is aimed at boys and girls who want to have a great time! The teachers will teach the students techniques to improve their driving skills through theory and practical classes, as well as learning the structure of a kart in detail.