Creativity camps take place in the United Kingdom and are the perfect option for boys and girls who are looking for a different summer camp this summer. These are unique programmes which stimulate the participants’ imagination to the maximum and during which they will learn amazing things! As well as the creative activity chosen, these camps provide English classes from Monday to Friday, so they are undoubtedly a unique opportunity for learning and having a great time making new friends. The available options include:

As you have seen, any children looking for a camp with something a little bit different are in luck! They won’t be able to resist one of these fun and original programmes.

Video game-making camp in England

We all know that young people all over the world love the world of video games. It is a sector which is growing very quickly and amazing things can be created. Imagination is a must and there is no better imagination than a child’s.

This camp takes place in the University of Leicester campus and is aimed at boys and girls aged between 11 and 17 years old. The programme aims to teach each participant to create their own videogame, going through all the necessary processes. This is an opportunity to try something different and, who knows, maybe it will be their future vocation.