These camps take place in Andorra, a place which fulfils exceptional conditions for this type of sports. Andorra has some magnificent facilities for practicing new techniques and tricks for Skateboarding, BMX and also has some first class tracks for practicing DH Bike. Below is a list of the available options:

Extreme sports are very popular nowadays. Every day, more and more young people take part in these types of sports that involve a factor of risk and adrenalin. Sports like DH Bike, Skateboarding or BMX, which were hardly known a few years ago are becoming more and more popular, even to the point that some are now Olympic sports, like BMX.

Extreme sports summer camps are not common, but they are, without a doubt, an original and fun alternative for boys and girls who enjoy these sports. These programmes are aimed at boys and girls of any level aged between 8 and 17 years old. Apart from the chosen sport, all the programmes include 15 English or Spanish classes per week, to make the students’ experience even more enriching, enjoying themselves and learning at the same time.

In case you don’t know what each sport involves, we have included a brief description of each one below:


DH Bike

This sport originated in the 70s in the United States and consists of descending hills on an especially designed mountain bike (heavier and more resistant).The idea is to descend the trail as quickly as possible avoiding obstacles such as stones, roots and other small bumps on the way.

Not a sport for the weak of heart, but perfect for young adrenalin lovers.



Nowadays skateboarding is a modern sport which is practiced the world around, especially among lovers of urban style. It originated in the 50s, when some surfers thought of the idea to make a “land surfboard”, adding wheels to a plank of wood so it would move. That “land board” is what is now known as a skateboard. Nowadays, many cities have a skatepark, which is a circuit with ramps prepared for skateboarding. Skateboarding is characterised by figures and stunts in the air or by avoiding obstacles. It is an easy and economic sport that needs a lot of balance and skill.



In order to explain this sport simply, we could say that it is the cycling version of motocross. BMX consists of doing turns, jumps, stunts, etc., with a small bicycle. Skateparks are also used for practicing BMX.

Although BMX originated in the 70s, it has been so popular in recent years that it became an Olympic sport in the 2008 Beijing Games.