Sesión táctica en el internado de fútbol de Valencia

Boarding School Soccer Academies

At boarding school soccer academies, students receive a top-of-the-line education while participating in an intensive professional soccer player training program to prepare them for collegiate soccer or even a professional soccer career. Not to mention, additional benefits of boarding schools include the opportunity to make friendships and memories that last […]

The Best High Performance Soccer Academies – Elite Soccer Training

Train to become a professional soccer player in a high performance soccer academy – a boarding school where students can take part in an intensive professional soccer player training program while receiving a world-class education. Use the infographics below to review the four best football academies in the world. Continue […]

un entrenador dirige en una de las pruebas de fútbol de Inglaterra

Football trials – What are they and how to attend

It’s not easy to make a living as a professional soccer player. Competition is fierce, and players must work hard to receive the training necessary to meet various objectives on the path to becoming a professional soccer player. Football trials can be an opportunity to get your foot in the […]

courage - characteristics of a good leader

5 POWERFUL characteristics of a good leader & How to TEACH THEM

The idea that some children are natural born leaders is a myth. On the contrary, these 5 characteristics of a good team leader can be learned at a young age. Whether your child wants to lead the football team through an undefeated season, lead the scholastic bowl to the finals, […]

5 mind-blowing facts about learning a second language as a child

There are numerous benefits of learning a second language at an early age (the primary advantage being that bilingual children don’t have to learn as adults). Then, once these children reach bilingualism, they experience a multitude of benefits that give them an advantage over their monolingual counterparts. Learning a second […]

Congratulations champions!

Reserve your spot in the Manchester City Camp (football training program + English classes) before May 30 and take home a fantastic gift!

You’ll have the opportunity to choose either […]

Niños realizando las pruebas de acceso para academias de fútbol
Summer camps as entrance trials for soccer academies - High performance academy in Stamford, UK

Entrance trials for soccer academies – Discussing your options for trying out

Congratulations! If you’ve made it to this page concerning entrance trials for soccer academies, you’re probably already considering joining a high performance academy which means you’re one step closer to becoming a professional soccer player.

If you think you have the potential to play professionally, these high performance academies are your […]

benefits of sports camps social skills

Leadership camp at university of Cambridge, Yale or ST. Andrews

A unique camp which complements academic education with vocational training. This leadership camp is aimed at young people between the ages of 13 and 18 years who are looking for an inspiring way to spend part of their summer this year.

It is a 3 week camp which takes place at […]