Fitness & Conditioning for young soccer players

In modern sport, fitness and conditioning are hugely important. Professional athletes are stronger, faster, and better conditioned than ever before. Furthermore, developments in sports science and technology mean we have access to more tools to aid our development.

While fitness is important for adults, it is also vital for the long-term […]

Strength Training for Youth Athletics

Why Fitness and Conditioning Should Be an Integral Part of Youth Athletics
The best time to introduce youth athletes to training that includes fitness and conditioning exercises has been a figurative tug-of-war between coaches, physical training specialists and the world’s medical community for decades. Even before the internet became the primary […]

Is It Good for Youth Athletes to Be Vegetarians or Vegans?

If your youth athlete is dedicated to their sport and follows their coaches’ advice, then their success depends on the quality of their training, their overall health, and diet. On top of that, participating in intense sports (like the many high-performance tennis and football academies offered by Ertheo) puts more […]

Teaching Teenage Athletes to be Coachable

Teaching Teenage Athletes to be Coachable

Many times, as parents and youth coaches, we focus on all the ways that we can help keep the young athletes physically healthy as they pursue their dreams to become a successful athlete. While your child’s physical health is crucial to their success as athletes, it’s only one piece of […]

Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success

Foreword from Ertheo
Peak Performance: Elevate Your Game, Avoid Burnout, and Thrive with the New Science of Success teaches athletes how to perform their best and maintain their best performance without getting tired and burning out.

We thought the book was perfect for parents of young athletes who want to help their children […]

Stretching Routine for Youth Athletes. Dynamic vs Stating Stretching

Should teenage athletes stretch before and after sports practice?
Stretching is another important part of your child’s sports training and another area where you can have a great impact on your child’s athletic success.

Most would agree that stretching plays an important role in athletic success, but the simple act of stretching […]

Tottenham summer camps in the UK - Soccer training

How to get a soccer scholarship to a U.S. university

Are you interested in learning how to get a soccer scholarship to a US university? Earning a soccer scholarship to compete at a US university is a long and complicated process. But if you attend the right summer soccer camps and tournaments, attain the right information, and get started early, […]