8 Ways Young Athletes Can Stay Healthy While at Home

Even as restrictions are slowly lifted across the different continents after the world has been struck by the coronavirus, we are still encouraged to limit outings as much as possible. This helps reduce the risk of a second wave of the virus. Nonetheless, as the school year comes to a close, and after several months of home-schooling, many young athletes who were looking forward to summer programs have been faced with a painful reality; many summer athletic programs have been canceled or postponed, or at best, limited (we do still have a few soccer summer camps options available for this [...]

Why Your Youth Athlete Needs to Get Enough Sleep

It’s no secret that regardless of your age or what you have going on in your life, everybody needs a good night’s rest. However, this is especially true for youth athletes and those training for an important game or competition. There are many benefits to getting enough sleep in relation to sports performance, such as improving accuracy, speed, and reaction time – all factors that could make or break winning a game. Simply put, if you don’t get enough sleep, then you can’t play well. Most people agree that getting enough sleep is an integral part of overall health and wellbeing, [...]

Why Isn’t My Child Sleeping Well? How to Help Children and Adolescents Sleep Better

We are well aware of the importance of healthy eating and exercising, but do we take getting proper rest into consideration? Many children and adolescents don’t get enough sleep or sleep poorly, which may lead to numerous sleep disorders. This post will provide you with some common reasons why many children and adolescents don’t sleep well. It will show the consequences of poor rest, and give simple steps to take for helping you and your family sleep better. Here are some other articles for youth athletes that you might be interested in:Nutrition for high school athletes | 5 Rules for better performance Teaching [...]

7 Tips for Getting Psyched up Before a Big Game

The big game is just weeks, days or hours away, but your palms become sweaty and your mind races every time you think of stepping on to the court or field. You’re excited about the day finally comes, and you’re using that drive you to train as hard as you can. BUT you want to make sure you focus that energy effectively and ensure you are the best player you can be on game day. What are the best ways to get psyched up before a big game? How can you channel those nervous jitters and transform them into focus and [...]

How to recover from soccer injuries

Regardless of how skilled, strong and athletic you are; you may sustain a soccer injury. Even the healthiest, most agile soccer players get injured – soccer can be an unpredictable sport, and accidents can happen. It only takes the slightest of bumps, trips or slips for you to potentially pull a muscle, or even break a bone. It is therefore important that you understand how to recover from injuries effectively. Effective recovery means that you can remain healthy. Furthermore, it means that you can return to the pitch and start playing the sport you love as quickly as possible. In [...]

Caring for Young Athletes during the Coronavirus Pandemic

In the wake of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the sports world has come to a complete halt. Almost all sporting events, games, and competitions across the globe have been canceled or postponed. Sports events and summer sports camps for young athletes are no exception. Coronavirus affects young athletes too. While athletes everywhere are struggling to deal with the disappointing news, for young athletes, this news can be especially earthshattering.  Just like adult athletes, many young athletes have been training for months or even years for sports events or competitions that have recently been canceled. The difference is young athletes might have [...]

The best home workout programs for athletes

As the Coronavirus COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, it seems that youth sports have been indefinitely cancelled. Many sports seasons have been cut short or cancelled all together. Teams are forbidden to gather for practice. Gyms are shut down. Summer sports camps have been cancelled. But the global shutdown doesn’t mean that young athletes can or should take an indefinite break from their training. It would be a shame to lose all of the progress that they’ve made in recent months. On the contrary, young athletes can actually use this time to get healthier and fitter than ever. [...]

Fitness & Conditioning for young soccer players

In modern sport, fitness and conditioning are hugely important. Professional athletes are stronger, faster, and better conditioned than ever before. Furthermore, developments in sports science and technology mean we have access to more tools to aid our development. While fitness is important for adults, it is also vital for the long-term development and well-being of young athletes. Even if you don’t want to become a professional soccer player, improving your fitness and conditioning has many benefits. You will feel better and have more energy. You will also improve your quality of life. We know that trying to create a fitness plan [...]

Strength Training for Youth Athletics

Why Fitness and Conditioning Should Be an Integral Part of Youth Athletics The best time to introduce youth athletes to training that includes fitness and conditioning exercises has been a figurative tug-of-war between coaches, physical training specialists and the world’s medical community for decades. Even before the internet became the primary tool of information gathering; parents, coaches, and doctors were subject to conflicting information and many misleading facts about the fitness and conditioning of young people – particularly when it comes to strength training. Let’s take this opportunity to sift through the mountains of information – and misinformation – on [...]

Is It Good for Youth Athletes to Be Vegetarians or Vegans?

If your youth athlete is dedicated to their sport and follows their coaches’ advice, then their success depends on the quality of their training, their overall health, and diet. On top of that, participating in intense sports (like the many high-performance tennis and football academies offered by Ertheo) puts more pressure on youth athletes at a time when their bodies are developing and growing at a rapid pace. This makes it even more important fora young person to put the right kind of food in their bodies, so they can keep up with their demanding lifestyle. But what if [...]