In Ertheo we don’t only offer sports and arts camps. We also have options available for those whose sole, overall priority is to improve their level of English. We have selected three language camps in the United Kingdom for this purpose, two of which are especially focused on the area of business and enterprise.

The English and Leadership course is designed for young people between 14 and 16 years and from 16 and older who are interested in developing their leadership potential. Students will learn to think like a leader of industry, using the methodology some of the most successful businesses in Cambridge, which will prepare participants for future leadership roles.

The object of these English classes is to help English students, by means of innovative techniques, to progress in their academic studies and careers.

Students will learn excellent leadership tools used by large companies like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft and Astra Zeneca. The students will also prepare for a leadership role in any industry, learning how to position themselves with the best candidates in society.

The lecturers are native speakers of English who will guide young people through all the topics necessary for a career in industry such as IT, software, artificial intelligence, robotics and biotechnology.

Cambridge Leadership Programmes

Cambridge Leadership College (CLC) is a new academic institution based in one of the academic capitals of the world. It is located in a small family house style building, with close access to all amenities. The surrounding areas include shops, cafes, banks, public transport and a golf course.

It aims to provide a means for young adults to complete their academic and professional education, helping them learn about entrepreneurship and the tools employed at the forefront of business and software development.

The courses are designed for students who are interested in developing leadership skills in the commercial sector. They will learn to think creatively and to use leadership tools used by companies like Google, Spotify, Microsoft and Apple. They also study business management skills and how to adapt to the changes in the world of employment.

The course offers flexibility both in terms of duration and start date. Lessons are delivered in the style of a mini MBA and incorporate practical leadership activities. Students will learn to think like a business leader, laying the foundations to start a career in business which may even one day lead to a job leading a big multinational company.

Types of leadership programmes

Based on the premise that a true leader can emerge in any environment, different types of programme types have been designed which can combine with English study. Depending on what the participant is looking for, they can choose from different leadership programmes.

1.- Summer schools

Summer schools offer students complete immersion in school life. Each programme’s schedule comprises activities in the morning and classes in the afternoon, full or half day excursions and activities which combine learning with fun.

2- ‘Vacation English’

The “Vacation English” programme is designed to enable students to improve their English under the guidance of native speaking teachers while studying with classmates from many other countries. Some lessons are based around organising travel and activities in the local area, which means participants learn about the culture of the area and improve their English in a natural way.

3- Summer Camps

The summer camp programme has been carefully designed to reflect that the students are young, thus it comprises activities to stimulate their desire to learn. Lessons are planned to provide a solid foundation for the basics of English via conventional lessons, as well as using resources like photos, stories, songs and games.

4- ‘Vacation English Plus’

The ”Vacation English Plus” course offers additional activities in the evening to complement the lessons, including a varied social programme with events in different places.

English classes

The academic teaching is based on the “tutorial” method from Oxford and Cambridge, which dates back 900 years. This means students are taught to be responsible for their own learning, to think independently and become confident and independent students. The teachers also use accelerated learning techniques as well as flipped learning, problem-solving and high intensity learning which gives students the skills to learn new subjects more rapidly.

Students are continually challenged to leave their comfort zones, to learn to challenge themselves and not fear failure.

Teachers are native speakers of English and are committed to provide engaging and motivating lessons for all students.  

One of the main features of this programme is that the young people are given personal course books designed expressly for this type of programme. For example, in the beginners book there is a section called “Around the World”. It has a modern design and uses a wide range of methods to ensure solid progress. There are 6 different books which cover the different levels of English: beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced.

Lessons are project based in order to maximise the student’s learning experience.

The maximum number of students per lesson is 15 in order to ensure that students get the optimum benefit.

The English for leaders lessons take place in large roomy classrooms, enabling students to work in groups, making the lessons engaging and creative.

Students are learning with classmates from a wide range of nationalities, meaning all the communication is in English making it a completely immersive experience.  

The course last between one and four weeks and comprises 30 hours per week. The English level acquired by the student is advanced, specifically B2.


Students stay in traditional student residences. Rooms are in individual or shared rooms and boys and girls are accommodated separately.

The residence has a common area where students can relax and socialise with their new friends. It is supervised and secure, therefore is a very safe environment for the young students.

As an alternative to the student residence, participants can instead be accommodated on a homestay basis. With the homestay system, the student will stay in the home of a local person. It’s a great way to find out how people from the country live. Staying with people who speak only English is also an excellent means of consolidating the English studied in the lessons. Homestay hosts provide breakfast and shared rooms with bathroom. The majority of hosts also provide lunch and dinner.


Classes take place in a small family home style building in Cambridge. It is located near local amenities which include shops, cafes, banks. There is a nearby bus stop linking to the local transport network.

Students at the Cambridge Leadership College are privileged to study in a town which is both historical and innovative, with a very cosmopolitan culture. It was classified by The Sunday Times newspaper as one of the best 20 places to live in the UK.

The famous university buildings of Cambridge make it a lovely picture postcard town whichever way you look. There are also a wide variety of museums, libraries and exciting events happening. Many global corporations such as Microsoft, Apple, AstraZeneca and ARM also have offices in Cambridge.


In addition to their English lessons, students have the chance to visit business networking events, product launches and professional workshops.

The normal timetable for a student on the leadership programme is as follows:

8.00am-10.00am              Get up and have breakfast

10.00am-1.00pm             Attend classes, individual and small group learning


2.00pm-5.00pm                               Business project classes, developing a mobile app or organise a music festival

5.00pm                                Masterclasses from specialists

After dinner there is time for students to relax with their fellow students before going to bed.


The programme takes place between 1 July and 26 August. Students can choose the number of weeks that they wish to study, from a minimum of one week and a maximum of four.

Price of course

- A level courses can begin in any month and are available at any time. The full academic year of study costs £21,000, six months is £13,200, three months costs £6,900 and for one month the fee is £2,500.

- The leadership programmes leads to an internationally recognised diploma. If you choose this option the participant can begin any month of the year and study from 6 to 10 months. Full time study on this course costs £16,000 for a full academic year beginning any time from June to March. Alternatively the accelerated 6 months course costs £12,000, which runs from October to March.


The centre is located in the centre of the best pre-university education zone in the city and is only six minutes away from Cambridge Railway Station.

How to get there

The nearest airport to Cambridge is London Stansted Airport, which is approximately 30 minutes away by road. Luton Airport is a 2 hour journey, London Heathrow takes 3 hours and London Gatwick Airport is a 4 hour journey. There are bus services available between Cambridge and these airports.