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Elena Perea

Elena Perea studied exact sciences in the early 2000s. Later, she moved to England where she attended Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College and earned her title as a nutritional therapist. Currently, Perea is responsible for translating Dr. Plaskett’s courses into Spanish and sharing her work with Spain and South America. Furthermore, Perea teaches classes at theRead More »Elena Perea

Antonio Ballesteros

Antonio Ballesteros is licensed in Pharmacy and has the equivalent of a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics. Because Ballesteros struggled with his weight as a child, he felt inclined to share his knowledge about nutrition with others who suffered from the same condition. To fulfill this need, Ballesteros opened his own practice called Nutriendo-te withRead More »Antonio Ballesteros

Marta Tejón

Marta Tejón earned the equivalent of a B.S. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics to support her passion for both science and food. Currently, she is finishing up her doctorate thesis at the University of Almería about Child Nutrition and working at the San Felix physical therapy center in Almería. Tejón also collaborates with food safetyRead More »Marta Tejón

María Rojo

Maía Rojo is a Nutrition and Dietetics coach who, in 2011, decided to try her luck and open her own practice in Málaga, Spain called Chatidieta. At Chatidieta, she reeducates her clients about nutrition while specifically teaching them how to combine foods to lose unnecessary weight. Rojo also shares delicious recipes to make dieting andRead More »María Rojo

Mª Teresa Hernández García

Mª Teresa Hernández García began her career in health and wellness in 2003 when she earned her nursing degree. In 2010, she became a licensed nutritionist at the University of Granada after earning various masters degrees related to obesity and genetics. Since 2011, she’s had her own practice in Madrid where she’s dedicated to developingRead More »Mª Teresa Hernández García

Lidia Tormo

Lidia Tormo’s passion for nutrition and education led her to open the “Nutritional School” where she teaches parents about the importance of nutrition for young children. She earned the equivalent of a B.S. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and in Primary Education and has participated in the six CODiNuCoVa conferences about nutrition pre-contraception, during pregnancy,Read More »Lidia Tormo

Jose María Puya

José María Puya is the founder of the famous nutrition blog “Alimentología Cruda” (Raw Nutrition). Puya defines himself as an enthusiast of food and its different sciences: nutrition, dietetics, and nutrition technology. Puya earned the equivalent of a B.S. in Science and Nutrition Technology. In 2013, he started his blog about raw nutrition. Currently, PuyaRead More »Jose María Puya

Gema Hidalgo

Hidalgo graduated from la Universidad Católica de San Antonio (UCAM) with the equivalent of a B.S. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics and later earned her MBA in Marketing at la Universidad Pontificia de Comillas. Then, in 2106, she moved to Sydney to work in The Hotel School where she worked to design nutritional solutions forRead More »Gema Hidalgo

Felipe del Valle

Felipe de Valle’s extensive career experience mirrors his impressive academic credentials. In 2008, he earned the equivalent of a B.S. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Navarra. Only two years later, he earned his license in Food Science and Technology from the University of Granada. Since 2012, he’s been helping people ofRead More »Felipe del Valle

Cristina Blázquez

Christina Blázquez works as a nutritionist for Mawersa, a catering serving based in Madrid which boasts more than 30 years of experience creating healthy menus. Blázquez earned the equivalent of a B.S. in Human Nutrition and Dietetics at la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Later, her affinity for nutrition led her to study a postgraduate degreeRead More »Cristina Blázquez