Mª Teresa Hernández García

Mª Teresa Hernández García began her career in health and wellness in 2003 when she earned her nursing degree. In 2010, she became a licensed nutritionist at the University of Granada after earning various masters degrees related to obesity and genetics. Since 2011, she’s had her own practice in Madrid where she’s dedicated to developing personalized, high-quality diet plans.  In her own words, Hernández García “believes in nutrition as a way of taking care of ourselves and taking care of the environment.”

Mª Teresa Hernández - Mª Teresa Hernández García

Advice for young athletes

Mª Teresa Hernández García doesn’t believe that parents should insist that their children eat their food because it could lead to parents simply choosing food that their kids will like and eat. She also doesn’t believe that food should be used to reward or punish good or bad behavior.

Hernandez Garcia recommends that children and adults alike drink water with each of the meals above in order to avoid food addictions and extra weight gain from sugary drinks.

“[We should] eat with our children as much as possible while they’re home, and we should include them in the cooking, and even cleaning, process.”