Ertheo Summer Sports Camps

Dedicate your summer to the pursuit of excellence

Students who enroll in our sports-education programs develop more than just their sports and language skills. Ertheo Summer Sports Camps provide an ideal environment for personal development where students get the chance to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves in a safe environment with other international students from all over the world. An investment in an Ertheo Summer Sports Camp is an investment in the pursuit of excellence. Ertheo students learn:

  • Athletic excellence
  • Social skills and confidence
  • Work ethic and resilience
  • Independence and responsibility
  • Open-mindedness and tolerance

I’ve always wanted Jeffrey to study abroad. After spending two weeks at soccer camp, I know he’s definitely ready. And, even better, he actually wants to study abroad now. He’s super excited.

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Lauren had a great time at camp. She couldn’t wait to tell me about all the new friends she made. They talk almost every day. It’s amazing that she’s got friends all over the world.

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Choosing the right camp is the key to ultimate satisfaction.

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High-performance Soccer

Niño rematando en el Campamento de Navidad de Barcelona - Nutrición para niños deportistas

Summer Camps in the UK

English classes at the Paris Saint Germain Soccer Goalkeeper Camps

Summer Camps in Spain

Juan carlos ferrero summer camps in spain training

Soccer Goalkeeper Camps

Goalkeeper training at the Chelsea Soccer goalkeeper camp

Summer Camps in the USA

Watching high-schoolers player when coaching youth soccer

Soccer Camps for Girls

Smiling for the camera at the girls soccer camp in Barcelona

Choosing the right camp is the key to ultimate satisfaction.