Top 5 Girls Soccer Camps – Train like a Pro in these Stunning Locations

At Ertheo, we’ve compiled a list of the best 4 soccer camps for girls including details regarding training sessions, lodging, prices, and dates. If you’re looking for the perfect girls soccer camp to suit your needs, see the list below. Click here to explore all our soccer programs.

The table below provides an overview of each camp. Scroll down to read more detailed information about training, lodging and facilities, language classes, and prices and dates.

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The Manchester City Women’s Football Club is another renowned women’s football team. They were champions of the Football Association Women’s Super League (FA WSL) in 2016 and runners up in 2017. To maintain their success, the women’s football club is dedicated to constructing a great female reserve team.

One of the ways the Manchester City Women’s Football Club builds their reserve team is by hosting a girls soccer camp every summer. The camp is directed at female student athletes from 9 to 17 years old who are looking for high quality professional training.


The camp is 2 weeks in duration (13 nights). Training sessions take place in the official facilities of the Manchester City Women’s Football Club, and student housing is located only 20 minutes from the sports facilities.

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1a. Training at Manchester City

Female athlete participants train exactly like the Manchester City Women’s Football Club professional players and even train in the same facilities. They learn the style of play, techniques, and philosophy of the team from the academy’s best trainers and coaches.


The training program at this camp is comprehensive. Training combines technical and tactical exercises with workshops and seminars to teach athletes concepts like games strategy and the importance of health and fitness for a student athlete.


The 15 hours/week of training includes:

  • Physical, technical, and tactical exercises on the field
  • Seminars regarding proper nutrition, hydration, and physical fitness and health
  • Analytical game strategy workshops
  • Activities to foster respect between campers, to promote the awareness and acceptance of cultural diversity, and to inspire harmony an international environment

1b. Lodging and Facilities at Manchester City

The camp is located in the city of Manchester, one of the largest cities in England. Camp participants stay at the University of Manchester’s Sheavyn House apartments in single rooms with private bathrooms.


All facilities are state of the art and feature the best commodities. Additionally, the staff is entirely female to ensure the comfort of the participants.


The training facilities are located 20 minutes from the student athlete housing. Participants travel to and from the facilities on a private bus.

1c. Language classes at Manchester City

Language classes at this camp are unique and more entertaining than most.


A prestigious academy teaches the classes, but students don’t spend 15 hours a week in classes doing activities as they would in a typical academy. Instead, the students participate in fun and natural interactive activities.


Let me explain. Each day, students utilize different facilities in the football academy to practice specific themes. For example, one day, students might go to the club’s press room and practice answering sports interviews questions exactly as the first team’s players would after a game. Other classes might take place in the conference room or the gym.


The main objective of the classes is to improve the quality of players’ communication which is accomplished by practicing English within the context of football. This way, students have fun and remained entertained while they learn and practice.

1d. Dates and prices at Manchester City

The girls soccer camp takes place at the end of June and beginning of August and is subject to an enrollment fee of 125€ charged by the camp.


Just as for all sports camps in England, the official price of the program is established in pounds. This means that the final cost of the program may fluctuate but tends to be around 1,200 euros.

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Valencia snap - Top 5 Girls Soccer Camps - Train like a Pro in these Stunning Locations

Porto FC of Portugal is hosting a summer camp for male and female student athletes from 6 to 19 years old in one of the best sports centers of Valencia.


All participants will have the incredibly enjoyable and unique opportunity to train with the official coaching staff and trainers of Porto FC while simultaneously improving their English by taking English classes during their stay.

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2a. Training at FC Porto

The Porto FC summer camp is highly football centric with 20 hours a week of training divided into 4 hours of training a day from Monday to Friday. On the weekends, players compete in friendly match play and tornaments against nearby teams.


The philosophy of Porto FC is extremely devoted to technique as they adapt all drills and exercises to all ages and levels. The training sessions are focused on improving the individual technique of participants in terms of their game tactics and strategy. The athletes have the opportunity to practice all they have learned during their matches on the weekends.


Goalkeeper exercises are designed to mimick real game situations. Goalkeepers practice defending against penalty kick battles, 1 vs. 1 situations, shots into the corners of the nets, and lateral crosses across the net.


The sports center at the Academy of Valencia has 2 training fields (one natural turf and one artificial turf) approved by UEFA. They also have a small pitch used for training exercises. The female athletes at the girls soccer camp also have access to a gynasium, locker room, and a physical therapy room with an ice bath used for recovery purposes.


And of course, weather in Valencia during the summer time is ideal for playing football.

2a. Lodging and Facilities at FC Porto

The Academy of Valencia hosts the girls in their own residence hall. The rooms are double rooms or individual rooms, and each room has a private bathroom and air conditioning.


The school cares for the student athletes in every way possible. The girls receive fresh clean towels every two days, and their camp uniform is washed daily. The medical department cares for the girls in case of injury, and the facilities are under 24 hour supervision by camp staff.


The girls’ daily meals are varied and nutritious. Camp chefs work hard to meet the special dietary needs of campers, and second helpings are always allowed. As always, campers dine under supervision.

2c. Language classes at FC Porto

One of the many objectives of student athletes is to improve their level of English. To help with this goal, the Porto FC football academy in Valencia offers English classes for 1.5 hours a day from Monday through Friday. (For goalkeepers, this time is reduced to 1 hour.)


Helen Doron is in charge of the English classes of the Porto FC football academy. She has more than 30 years of experience teaching and all teachers at her academy are native English speakers.


The students are broken up into groups of 12 by age and level. Each student must take a test upon arriving to the camp to determine her level, and the academy provides the students with the materials they will need for all lessons.


At the end of the course, the students receive a diploma verifying that their level of English has improved during their stay.

2d. Prices and dates at FC Porto

The girls soccer camp in Valencia takes place during the end of June and for the full months of July and August. The camp lasts for two weeks and has many different start dates. A special 4 week program can be designed for student athletes interested in extending their experience.


One of the greatest camp events is a visit from the Porto FC soccer players during the first week of August. Keep that in mind while booking.


The camp costs around 1,600 euros. To attend the camp without housing costs around 1,000 euros.

MANCHESTER NYC snap - Top 5 Girls Soccer Camps - Train like a Pro in these Stunning Locations

In 2013, Manchester City brought their club team to the United States with the creation of New York City, a club team that participates in the Major League Soccer (MLS) competition in the USA.


Thanks to this, the team also offers a Manchester City girls soccer camp in NYC exclusively for female student athletes between 12 and 17 years of age. The program has various start dates.


Like the Manchester City girls soccer camp in Manchester, all the football training and English classes at the NY camp are just as high in quality as they are entertaining.


Mercy College hosts the camp. All partipants train at the sports facilities of Mercy College and stay in the university’s student residence.

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3a. Training at Manchester City in NY, USA

Participants train for 3 hours a day from Monday to Friday. The coaches base the campers’ training on the methodology of Manchester City. In the past few years, Manchester City has formed great reserve teams which now either play in the English Premier League or in the MLS with the New York City team.


Training includes:

  • Development of individual skills and technique
  • 1 vs. 1 practice
  • Teamwork
  • Tactical comprehension exercises


One of the most distinguished features of the camp is the personalization of the training since the coaches evaluate the players throughout their time at camp to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each player.

3b. Lodging and facilities at Manchester City in NY, USA

The girls soccer camp takes place at Mercy College in New York right beside the Hudson River in pure nature. The girls have access to various outdoor fields, a pavilion, and break rooms.


During the two weeks, the athletes live together in double or single rooms with shared bathrooms. The housing is under 24 hour supervision and has WiFi, a spacious dining hall, and various lounges throughout the residence.

3c. Language classes at Manchester City in NY, USA

The English classes at the New York City girls soccer camp are unlike all others with interactive lessons based on the world of football. The teachers of the British Study Center are in charge of organizing the classes. Like the training sessions, English classes occupy 3 hours of the girls’ day Monday through Friday.


Digital tools help teachers recreate real life scenarios of professional soccer players so that students can practice their English as it would be used in the real world and develop useful communication skills for the future.


Each morning, the girls learn English essential to their future careers as professional soccer players. During the afternoon, they practice these concepts with exercises like:

  • Press conferences and interviews with the media
  • Football analysis
  • Match commentary and debates
  • Journalism projects: Broadcast and writing

3d. Prices and dates at Manchester City in NY, USA

The City camp in New York offers a 2 week program with various starting dates including July 1, 15, and 29. The price includes a guided visit to New York City, an exclusive City training kit, and access to the English club’s online tools.

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The only official FC Barcelona football academy outside of Barcelona is located in the city of Casa Grande in Arizona, USA. The academy is open all year round and specializes in training professional players who are hoping to earn a scholarship to play and compete with a university in the USA.

The academy hosts a girls soccer camp for female student athletes between the ages of 10 and 17. Participants will enjoy the outstanding facilities of the school and live together in Case Grande for 1 week where they will learn, first-hand, the methodology and training of FC Barcelona.

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4a. Training at FC Barcelona in the USA

The FC Barcelona summer girls soccer camp guarantees high intensity training focused on the improvement of individual technique, physical fitness, and match play. To improve game strategy, coaches recreate real game situations to test the players’ individual skills and their ability to work in teams.

To become a great football player, mental strength is essential. The FC Barcelona girls soccer camp offers the girls psychological support and teaches them how to handle the pressure of being a professional athlete.

Training obviously mimicks the philosophy and game strategy of FC Barcelona which consists of clean short play, applying pressure in all parts of the field, constant movement, and impeccable teamwork.

4b. Lodging and facilities at FC Barcelona in the USA

Grande Sports World is the high performance sports center which hosts the student athletes both in the summer camps and in the annual academic program. The facilities of this macrocampus include 8 professional soccer fields, a gymnasium, a sports pavilion, therapeutic swimming pools, and a performance center where the athletes are evaluated and can recover from injury.

The academy has its own modern residence for participants. The rooms are double rooms complete with private bathrooms, televisions, WiFi, cleaning service, and sheet and towel changes. For recreation off the field, the girls can enjoy a variety of break rooms including the game room, the ping-pong room, and the TV room.

4c. Prices and dates at FC Barcelona in the USA

The FC Barcelona girls soccer camp in Arizona takes place from July 8 to July 13 – 6 full days of football and fun.

The price of the camp includes various excursions, an official training kit from FC Barcelona, and training activities.

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