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As the home of many sports including football, golf, and rugby, the United Kingdom is the perfect destination for a sports summer camp. Every year, students from all over the world travel to the British Isles to attend sports programs and summer camps in the UK. Would you like to practice soccer, tennis, or golf, in a country whose passion for these sports matches your own? Check out our collection of sports summer camps in the UK below:

Tennis summer camps in the UK

Many of today’s most popular sports originated in the United Kingdom, including football, golf, tennis, rugby, baseball and cricket. Scotland was the scene of the very first golf game back in the 1400s. Cricket was first referenced around a hundred years later in the 1500s. The British began playing football/soccer in 1815. By 1900, the UK had competed against the USA in the first ever tennis tournament, the Davis Cup. It’s safe to say that the British take their sports seriously.

Sports summer camps in the UK are the perfect way for young, talented athletes from all around the world to spend their summer. These camps offer a great mix of training, language education, and entertainment in a multi-cultural setting. Not the mention, the variety of sports camps is excellent. Students can choose from football, tennis, golf, rugby, horse riding, athletics, extreme sports, basketball, and watersports. Whatever your interest, if you’d like to spend some time in the UK this summer practicing your skills, meeting international students from all around the world, and getting to know British culture, check out these summer camps in the UK.

Some important information about our summer camps in the UK

  • We offer a wide range of sports summer camps at a variety of locations in the UK.
  • Different programs suit different abilities and budget requirements.
  • Courses vary in length and price according to which sport and destination is chosen.
  • All of our 2019 UK summer campsare available with language classes.
  • All of our 2019 UK summer camps include an entertainment package consisting of activities and excursions.

Football summer camps in the UK

England is known as the home of football and, as such, is a dream destination for youth soccer players around the world. The Premier League is fast, competitive, and exciting, attracting passionate fans from all over the world.

Famous teams such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham. All teams are regular competitors on the European stage. Most of these clubs offer summer camps for youth soccer players to give them a chance to train on the same facilities as their favorite soccer stars. Are you a fan of Premier League Football? Would you like to train in the same complex as some of your favorite players? Check out the football camps below.

The Manchester City Football School hosts a summer soccer camp each year for boys and girls from nine to 17 years of age. The English club is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in European soccer. With incredible new facilities and top quality coaching, the Manchester City soccer camp gives young soccer players the opportunity to experience life as a professional footballer. Not only do they train in the same place as the first team, but the children also learn about game philosophy through master classes taught by the club’s expert coaches. Would you like to learn to play like Manchester City? Read more about Manchester City Football Camp.

Manchester City football camps were our highest rated camps in 2018!

The Arsenal Soccer School offers a summer camp for boys and girls from 10 to 17 years old. The program stands out for its wonderful entertainment program and incredibly diverse participants. You might be training in England, but the top five nationalities include German, French, Italian, Dutch, and Swiss. If you’re looking for a fun program where you can practice football, learn English, and share a laugh with all your new friends, this program is for you. Read more about Arsenal Soccer Camps.

The Liverpool Football Academy offers summer camps in the UK for boys and girls from 12 to 17 years old. The soccer programs in Liverpool are comprehensive programs designed to develop youth soccer players in more ways than just on the pitch. Through activities and character-building exercises, participants also learn leadership skills and gain the self-confidence they’ll need as they continue to develop as talented footballers. Camp participants even get to visit the famous Anfield Stadium! Are you a Liverpool fan? Would you like to learn what it takes to be a professional soccer player? Read more about Liverpool Soccer Camps.

Real Madrid in the UK has moved to Dublin, Ireland

The famous Spanish team has chosen Dublin, Ireland as a destination for one of its highly-regarded summer soccer programs. Are you a fan of Real Madrid? Would you like to train with official coaches of Real Madrid according to the team’s winning philosophy? Would you rather train in English than Spanish? The Real Madrid summer camps in Dublin are the perfect option for you. The soccer camps accept boys and girls from 11 to 17 years old.

The Chelsea FC Foundation offers football training and language classes to boys and girls of all abilities between the age of 10 and 17 years old. Students can choose to attend the intensive football program and train for 30 hours a week, or they can choose to train for 18 hours and spend 12 hours in the classroom learning English as a second language at one of the most prestigious language schools in the world. The Chelsea FC Foundation also hosts an all-girls soccer program. Ladies, if you’d like to train with other international female students from all around the world, the Chelsea Foundation camps are for you. Read more about Chelsea soccer camps.

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Tennis summer camps in the UK

The Wimbledon Championship in England is considered by many to be the most prestigious of all the grand slam events. Did you know that the modern version of lawn tennis was developed in England? Did you know that the first ever tennis tournament was between British students and American students from Harvard University? It’s true. That first tournament ever is now known as the Davis Cup.

England has also produced some notable tennis starts over the years. At the start of 2017, Andy Murray was the world’s no. 1 player after dominating the circuit in 2016. He’s been slipping in the rankings as the result of a hip injury, but he expects to make a comeback in 2020. Are you looking for high-level, high-quality tennis training? Check out these camps.

The Nike Tennis Academy is hosted at the CMT Learning Centre in Bradfield near London. Their summer camps in the UK are comprehensive programs for intermediate or advanced players. Participants train for 34 hours per week and learn all aspects of the game including technique, tactics, and stroke improvements. Students also learn important concepts like injury prevention, nutrition, and game preparation. Finally, you’ll be assessed using special video analysis technology to determine your strengths, weaknesses, and how to improve your game. Would you like to experience rapid improvement? The Nike Tennis Camp is for you.

The UK Tennis Academy also offers summer camps for young tennis players and stands out for its excellent entertainment program. Students train for around 15 hours per week and spend the rest of their time enjoying the activities organized by the academy including Olympic night, races and competitions, and disco night. The camp also has a strong ESL focus where students can take English classes for three hours a day. If you’re looking for a comprehensive program and a unique intercultural experience, the UK Tennis Academy is right for you. They accept students from 10 to 16.

Golf summer camps in the UK

Scotland is the undisputed home of golf, with records of the game dating as far back as the 15th century. Today, the United Kingdom boasts over 3,000 official golf courses, second only to the USA in numbers. Not to mention, one in five professional golf players in Europe comes from the UK, and many British players feature in the top rankings. For anyone who wants to follow in the footsteps of former major winners such as Rory Mcilroy, Justin Rose, Darren Clarke, Graeme Mcdowell, and Nick Faldo, one of these golf summer camps in the UK is the perfect option for you.

Students come from all over the world to take part in the golf camp at St. Andrew’s. In fact, each year, these summer camps in the UK host students from more than 60 different countries. They offer three-week programs of all levels for students from 13 to 18. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player with a low handicap, the Issos St. Andrew’s golf camp will have a program for you. This camp is also a great option for students who need to practice English as a second language. Participants have the option to study English for three hours a day. Read more about the Issos St. Andrew’s summer golf camp in the UK.

Are you looking to combine golf practice with ESL lessons to improve your English skills? Golf + Languages summer camps are a great option for you. Would you rather train in a more intensive golf program without English classes? These camps also offer professional programs for players with a handicap of 20 or less. The standard program with languages typically accepts students from 10 to 16 years old. The more intensive professional program usually accepts students slightly older from 12 to 16. Read more about the Golf + Languages summer camps in the UK.

The golf camp in Brighton takes place at the Ryan Fenwick Academy, named after the ex-pro and one of the most respected golf coaches in the UK. In fact, Ryan Fenwick himself designed the program. Participants train for 12.5 hours per week at the West Hove Golf Club. Of course, English classes are available for students looking to improve their ESL skills. The camp is not recommended for beginners. Would you like to attend the Golf Camp in Brighton?

With great competitive sports culture, state-of-the-art facilities, and prestigious summer camp options, the UK is the perfect location for summer sports camps. Are you interested in living an unforgettable international travel experience while practicing your favorite sport and meeting other international students from all around the world? Click the button below and write us a short message. Tell us what camp you’re interested in, and we’ll send you a personalized quote.

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