BSC offers young people the opportunity to spend the summer in a fantastic international environment, learning English and enjoying 3 afternoons a week with horses. In this equestrian camp the girls and boys, aged 8-17 years, as well as perfecting their English, will ride horses and learn to care for the animals in very high quality facilities.

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  • English classes: 15 lessons / week
  • Age and sex: Boys and girls from 8 to 17 years old
  • Accommodation: Wycliffe College, Cheltenham Ladies’College, and LSV Ascot

The riding camp takes place at three different locations:

  • Wycliffe College
  • Cheltenham Ladies’ College
  • LVS Ascot

These centres have good connections with London, making them ideal locations for this summer programme.

The programme lasts for a minimum of two weeks and takes place in July and August.

Available Programs

Horse Riding Camp in UK

Riding camp plus english classes.

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  • Training: 6 hours / week
  • Training schedule: From 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
  • Group size: Groups of 10 persons

The participants at BSC Equestrian Camp will have 6 hours of training per week, which takes place on three afternoons from 2.00-4.00pm. The programme is open to all levels, from beginners to advanced. Instructors work with participants to help them perfect their riding technique and in addition participants will also spend time on maintenance of the stables and horses.

For their training, students are placed into groups of 10 in accordance with their level. All participants receive close individual attention.

Training Facilities

  • Barton End Equestrian Center: Features a total of 24 horses and ponies
  • Cotswold Riding: Features over 50 ponies and horses
  • Berkshire Ridind Center: Features over 30 ponies and horses

Wycliffe College

The campus has modern facilities, equipped so that the participants have the best possible experience during their stay. The residence has Internet, meeting rooms for monitors, theatre and disco. Regarding the sporting facilities, there are open air sports fields, covered sports hall, tennis courts and air conditioned indoor swimming pool. The horse riding activities take place at the Barton End Equestrian Centre, which is only 15 minutes’ away. The instructors at the centre take charge of the equestrian classes and supervision of the participants. Barton End has a total of 24 horses and ponies which are used by the students. As well as riding, the young people look after the horses and learn about their wellbeing and creating empathy etc.

Cheltenham Ladies’ College

This centre has Internet connection and a 25 metre swimming pool, theatre, disco, meeting rooms, playing fields, sports hall and a new performance arts centre. Cotswold Riding is the equestrian centre where the students will do their horse riding lessons. It is located 30 minutes by car from the residence. The teachers of Cotswold Riding will take charge of the classes and of supervising the young people during training. The centre has more than 50 ponies and horses, which the young people will learn to look after and on which they will perfect their riding skills.

LVS Ascot

The LVS Ascot residence has a range of sports facilities, so participants get the very best out of their stay. There is an air conditioned indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a sports hall, outdoor playing fields, theatre and disco, meeting rooms and Internet for students, which they use under the supervision of monitors. Horse riding classes take place at the Berkshire Riding Centre, which is located at just 10 minutes by car from the residence. The teachers are part of the personnel of the equestrian centre and instructors use a methodology which has been tried and tested during the 20 years of the centre’s operation.

Language Classes

  • English hours: 15 hours a week
  • Native teachers: Yes
  • Group organization: By level

While at the camp, as well as the equestrian training, participants attend English lessons given by teachers who are native speakers of the language. Students are placed into classes based on their level and in order to establish their English ability, they take a test on arrival at the camp. There are 15 hours of English lessons per week, divided into 3 hours over 5 mornings. The lessons are focused on improving skills in reading, writing, comprehension, conversation and fluency practice.

Camp Schedule

The residential campuses of Wycliffe College, Cheltenham Ladies’ College and LVS Ascot have a range of facilities designed for the young people to enjoy their free time together. Every night, after dinner, there is a social programme, so participants can enjoy activities such as theme nights, cinema nights, karaoke, fashion shows and discos.


The camp also organises excursions each week to iconic British locations, selected by the residence chosen for the programme. There is one half day and one full day excursion.

Wycliffe College

If you choose the Wycliffe College, option, there are a number of attractive options for excursions. From here, participants have the chance to visit places like Oxford, London, Bristol, Cheltenham, Stroud and Stratford-upon-Avon.

Cheltenham Ladies’ College

If you opt to send your son or daughter to Cheltenham Ladies’ College, they will have the chance to visit Cardiff, the capital of Wales, London, Oxford, Bath, Bristol and Stratford-upon-Avon.

LVS Ascot

For students at LVS Ascot, excursions are organised to Oxford, Brighton, Cambridge and London.

Clients who contact Ertheo before booking a camp or program are much more satisfied with their overall experience.

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  • Wyclyiffe College Residence: Capacity for 200 people and offers single and double rooms
  • Cheltenham Ladies ’College Campus: Capacity for 200 people, houses with single and double rooms equipped with a washbasin
  • LSV Ascot: Single, double and 3-bed rooms with shared adjoining bathroom on each floor

Wycliffe College

The residence of Wycliffe College is located in Stonehouse, within the county of Gloucestershire. The campus, which comprises 6 buildings and is situated in the Cotswolds hills, is set within a large open garden area which offers a pleasant natural landscape. The residence has capacity for 200 people and there are individual and double rooms available, some with their own bathrooms, as well as other larger rooms. Each house has a common room with television, DVD, sofa and games rooms. Meals at the residence are prepared with fresh ingredients and BSC’s catering staff ensure the students have a healthy menu.

Cheltenham Ladies’ College

The Cheltenham Ladies College campus is one of the best in the country. It is located in the city of Cheltenham, in the Cotswolds, a protected area of natural heritage. The centre has capacity for 200 people and there are a number of buildings with individual and double rooms, with washing facilities, adjoining bathroom, shower and toilet. All the residential buildings have common areas, with television/videos viewing facilities.

LVS Ascot

The Licensed Victuallers School (LVS) is located in the Berkshire town of Ascot, which is the venue for the historical annual “Royal Ascot” horse racing meeting. Ascot is situated just 35 minutes away from London and 20 minutes’ from Heathrow Airport. The school where the students stay was founded in 1803 and The Queen continues as its Patron. The accommodation comprises two comfortable houses with individual and double rooms as well as some larger rooms with room for more than 3 beds. There is a shared bathroom on each floor. The two houses have a common room with TV, DVD, sofas and a games room, ideal for the students to spend time together and get to know each other better.


Wycliffe College

Wycliffe College is situated in the small town of Stonehouse, a short distance from Stratford-upon-Avon, Bath, Cardiff, Bristol and Oxford. The railway station is 5 minutes on foot from the college and the city has easy connections with Paddington Station in London.

Cheltenham Ladies’ College

The residence is located at 10 minutes on foot from the centre of the city of Cheltenham. The closest airport is Birmingham International Airport, which is 40 km away. London-Gatwick Airport is 164 km away and London-Heathrow is 122 km.

LVS Ascot

The LVS Ascot centre is in Berkshire, in the town of Ascot, located at just 35 minutes from London and 20 minutes from Heathrow Airport, thus making it very easily accessible. Another airport which is relatively close is Gatwick, 70 km away.

Prices and Dates

The prices of this programme vary according to a number of factors, such as the demand for places and the age of the participant. Please indicate the approximate start date you are considering and we will contact you as soon as possible with the prices and dates which are available.

Improved booking conditions for all camps

This 2024 make your reservation more easily and with less risk

  • We´ve lowered the deposit required to reserve your camp to just 500€
  • Free cancellation until March 1st
  • Money-back guarantee within 10 days
  • Optional anti-covid insurance
  • *Please note that if a visa is required to attend camp, it will be necessary to pay the total amount of the program

    *Special conditions valid for all 2024 summer camp reservations except for the Barça USA camp, which will follow the general terms and conditions.

Extra Services

You can purchase one of the extra services below at an additional cost.

    Camp Insurance

    We offer two insurance options based on your needs:

  • Cancellation and Interruption Insurance: This option allows you to get your money back if you have to cancel or interrupt the camp for any justified reason, including injury or illness of participants both before and during the camp (the policy contains 35 different causes for justified cancellations).
  • Travel/Medical Insurance: With this insurance policy, you will be covered for medical assistance abroad and possible expenses caused by health-related issues, as well as other contingencies such as lost luggage or an unforeseen flight change.

    Download the following PDF to learn more about each insurance options terms and conditions, coverage features, and price.

    Camp Insurance
    Transfer Service:

    There are two types of transfer services available that we´ll detail for you below:

  • Standard transfer service: the camp offers an optional transfer service for participants who request it from the nearest airport to the residence (or vice versa). Check with Ertheo for schedules and prices for this service.
  • Special transfer with additional unaccompanied minor service: participants who fly to camp alone and have contracted the unaccompanied minor service with their airline must hire this special transfer with accompaniment so that the child isn´t left alone in the airport. Check with Ertheo for schedules and prices of this service.

Contact Ertheo for prices and additional information.

Transportation to the camp (flights/trains) is not included in the price of our programs.