Allow your child to live their passion for rugby to the full while improving their English! Summer Rugby Camps for one or more weeks available in July.

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The England Rugby Camp with English lessons is specially designed to allow young players of all levels to improve their technique and their skills. This camp is the perfect combination of language immersion in England and sport practice.

The England Rugby Camp is available in July (from one to several weeks) and is designed to support young rugby players who have the desire and ability to improve themselves in the sport. Participants will receive daily coaching from experienced and passionate coaches to help them improve their skills. This rugby and language experience will give your child the opportunity to compete with other aspiring rugby players from around the world.

Daily life and training are conducted in the English language. The course wants all participants to improve their English language skills as well as playing their favorite sport. In order to achieve this, they ensure that English is the main language spoken and limit the number of students per nationality. In addition, English language classes with qualified teachers are offered during the course. At the end of the camp, students receive a report on their progress.

The course includes rugby training, accommodation, fun activities during the course as well as English lessons.

This summer camp, which have been held since 1988, provide a warm, fun, safe and international environment for young people. Their main goal is to ensure that all young people return home having improved their sporting, language and confidence skills.

Available Programs

Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced rugby player, this rugby camp is for them if they like rugby, challenging themselves and meeting new people.

Rugby camp in England

This camp is suitable for all skill levels.

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 Who is this course for?

The England Rugby Camp is ideal for anyone who is passionate about rugby and wants to improve their skills, practice their English, do some relaxing activities and make the most of their summer. Participants alternate their day between rugby training, English lessons and recreational activities.

What topics are covered during the training?

The England Rugby Camp has been designed to meet the needs of every rugby player. The course aims to improve the physical, technical and mental skills of the players. Young people work on their kicking, attacking speed, game awareness and strategy, whilst teaching them real sporting and human values, such as team spirit and teamwork. Friendly matches are also organized to put into practice what has been learned during training.

What is the level of intensity of the training?

The main objective of the England Rugby Camp is to improve the technical and tactical levels, English language and the self-confidence of the youths, but most importantly to have fun! In order to achieve this, the participants have to combine training, English lessons and fun activities, which is why it is impossible to have a whole day dedicated only to training.

What is the level of the players?

This recreational rugby camp is open to players from beginner to advanced level. On the first day of the camp, the participants are divided according to their level so that they can play with players of the same level as them to ensure the best possible progress.

Training Facilities

The campus has high quality sports facilities to train students during the course, including large outdoor natural grass pitches, a gym and tennis courts. There is also a shared lounge with sofas, TV, board games and magazines where students can relax, socialise and chat in an informal and comfortable setting.


Summer rugby camps in England are the ideal opportunity to experience a complete linguistic immersion. In addition to training and daily life in English, the participants attend language classes in the morning or afternoon. The English lessons are taught by qualified and experienced teachers who, through fun workshops, will inspire the participants to learn the language of Shakespeare.

Camp Schedule

A typical day during the course

The participants start the day with a good breakfast. They are then directed to their English classes or rugby training. At lunchtime, the participants rest and enjoy a varied and balanced meal to regain their strength. After lunch, they meet with the instructors to discuss the afternoon's schedule. The young rugby players then complete the activity (rugby or English) that they did not do in the morning.

The rugby camp in England is open to other participants who have chosen another sporting activity. At the end of the day, during free time, the youths get to know the participants of the football, tennis, music or horse riding courses.

After dinner, the animation team organizes evening activities or parties for all participants regardless of the sport they participate in. The purpose of this is to create a good group bond, allowing the young people to make new friends more easily. The participants then go to bed so that they are fully refreshed the next morning.

This course of action is given as an indication only. It may be modified or adjusted according to technical criteria, safety requirements or the weather conditions at the time.


In the case of stays of two weeks or more, the youngsters participate in fun weekend excursions, such as a visit to an amusement park, a cultural and/or tourist visit and a shopping break at the end of the day.

Clients who contact Ertheo before booking a camp or program are much more satisfied with their overall experience.

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The participants of the rugby camp stay in a typical English university dorm, very comfortable, with all the necessary sports facilities for the good development of the youth. The accommodation, sports facilities and canteen are all located in the same place, and the participants only leave the campus when they go on excursions with their instructors at the weekend.


Double, triple and quadruple rooms are available on campus. Rugby camp participants sleep in single beds. They also share showers with four or six other participants. The bathroom is located outside the room.

Prices and Dates

These courses are subject to a registration fee of £ 100 (130 € or $ 140).

The official rate of this program is determined in POUNDS so the final amount in other currencies may vary slightly due to currency fluctuation.

Starting Dates

Rugby Worth (Sport and English)

30 June

07 July

14 July

21 July

Extra Services

You can purchase one of the extra services below at an additional cost.

    Camp Insurance

    We offer two insurance options based on your needs:

  • Cancellation and Interruption Insurance: This option allows you to get your money back if you have to cancel or interrupt the camp for any justified reason, including injury or illness of participants both before and during the camp (the policy contains 35 different causes for justified cancellations).
  • Travel/Medical Insurance: With this insurance policy, you will be covered for medical assistance abroad and possible expenses caused by health-related issues, as well as other contingencies such as lost luggage or an unforeseen flight change.

    Download the following PDF to learn more about each insurance options terms and conditions, coverage features, and price.

    Camp Insurance
    Transfer Service:

    There are two types of transfer services available that we´ll detail for you below:

  • Standard transfer service: the camp offers an optional transfer service for participants who request it from the nearest airport to the residence (or vice versa). Check with Ertheo for schedules and prices for this service.
  • Special transfer with additional unaccompanied minor service: participants who fly to camp alone and have contracted the unaccompanied minor service with their airline must hire this special transfer with accompaniment so that the child isn´t left alone in the airport. Check with Ertheo for schedules and prices of this service.

Contact Ertheo for prices and additional information.

Transportation to the camp (flights/trains) is not included in the price of our programs.