Why send your kid abroad alone?

Why send your kid abroad alone?

As a general rule, we tend to think that when kids travel to a camp abroad, it’s better that they travel with other friends, because that way they don´t feel lonely during the first days, they have others to speak in their own language with and many other reasons parents use. But we want to demonstrate that this is a myth and encourage parents to stop being so conservative and think about the great advantages of sending their kids alone to a camp.

But not just that, in order to encourage you even more, we are going to explain how to send your kid abroad alone on an airplane and the services camps offer so you don’t have to worry too much after your young ones get on a plane.


Personal growth and havind fun

Most advantages read in this post can be taken to camps in the same native country, but the programs abroad have other unique positive aspects, here we list them to convince you even more that it’s a great idea to send your kids alone to a camp.

  • Greater autonomy: When kids separate from their family, they have to accept a routine by themselves, doing new things that they usually don’t do at home. Maybe they have to organize their day-to-day routine, choose their clothes, sometimes even wash them, in conclusion, kids have more autonomy to deal with life after camp.
  • Fellowship and coexistence: As it couldn’t be any other way, your kids hang out with other boys and girls, train and spend most of their day with them, so they learn coexistence rules and to be a good colleague, in addition to decide when a friend needs help with something.
  • Foster new relationships: When kids go alone to camp, they are forced to relate with new colleagues and make new friends that can continue in the future, in addition to meeting other kids from other countries that enrich the way they look at life.
  • Out of their comfort level: Life at home can be easy, Mom and Dad do whatever necessary so kids don´t have any problems. But at camp they don’t have anyone to do things for them so in addition to their autonomy discussed above, your kids notice how their world changes and must adapt as soon as possible.
  • Enjoy: This is the main reason for camps, the enjoyment of boys and girls as they perform activities and practice their favorite sport. This of course is a very important advantage.

Total improvement of a new language

One of the main reasons why parents send kids abroad is to learn languages, especially English that is so important for future jobs. Although Spain has camps with English  classes, organized by prestigious academies, an experience abroad where the official language is English is the best option.

Firsts of all, when your kids sign up alone to a camp, they must use English or Spanish to speak with the rest of their colleagues and this makes them feel more comfortable and easily speak the language, a point in favor, preventing them from being shy, something we all get when we have to speak English or Spanish with someone.

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On the other hand, this conversation improvement takes place thanks to the total immersion of the language that kids experience at camp. Why do we say this? Because the coaches speak English or Spanish and the training sessions take place in English or Spanish, so kids learn to listen and understand vocabulary better, in addition to having to ask questions in English or Spanish and listen to their colleagues ask questions to the coaches.

How to organize the trip alone?

Some parents decide to accompany their kids on a flight with them, since they may have some days off work and can spend some days in the city where the camp takes place. These parents don’t need to worry about the trip, but for those who can’t accompany their kids, here are some suggestions and resources to organize the trip to camp.

Requirements for minors who travel alone

First of all, when kids don’t fly with their parents or tutors, the law requires other documents such as an authorization of the parents, certified by the Police or that they must be accompanied by a family member over the age of 16. This option allows siblings of different ages to travel alone on an airplane without the presence of an adult, and enjoy a camp abroad together, an option that many parents choose if they have several kids. According to the age, certain requirements change, we explain it here so you have all the information you need and don’t have to look for it on other web pages.

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Boys and girls from 5 to 12 years of age

Minors from 5 o 12 years of age need to hire the accompaniment of a minor that airlines make available for parents. This service consists of a putting a member of the flight attendants in charge of the kids from the time the parents leave the kids at the ticket counter, although we suggest that the parents stay at the airport until the plane departs should something happen.

Boys and girls 15 or 16 years of age

From the age of 12, it’s not necessary to hire the service for minors, just normal documents are needed (DNI, passport or visa) and other forms parents need to fill out and present at the ticket counter prior to the departure of the flight such as a responsibility waver where the airline is exempt from liability before any mishap, a document with the information of the minor and information about allergies or special needs along with another documents where the personal information and phone number of the person who accompanies them (the person who accompanies the minor at the airport) and the person who accompanies the kids at their arrival (the person who picks up the minor at the destination airport).

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How to avoid last minute mishaps?

We don’t want you to encounter any problems, so we suggest that you compare all the airline conditions and choose the best option, in addition to reserving the flights ahead of time to get the best prices.

As far as the accompaniment of the minor, you can hire this when you purchase the airline ticket, so please don’t forget. The price is around 30€ for domestic flights, 50€ for the rest of Europe and  75€ to other destinations such as USA, although prices vary depending on the airline.

Even after reading this post, you probably have questions and that’s normal, parents want to control everything and even more when you send your kids alone abroad. To contact us, please call ((+34) 902 750 359) or send us a message by email ([email protected]).

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