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Protect your children from online dangers with parental control.

Guide to Parental Control 2020 – Keep your child safe online

New technology has arrived, and it’s here to stay. These days, we spend more and more time behind screens, especially the teenagers in the house. That’s why parental control over what our children do on the internet is more important than ever. The internet is a double-edged sword for children and teens. It can be a powerful weapon for learning, but too much time in front of screens can be dangerous if used the wrong way. Given the digital divide between generations, it’s essential for parents to consider the importance of staying up to date with new technology. This guide brought to [...]

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Most common child sports injuries | Ertheo Sports & Education

As children specialize in sport and join summer sports camps and programs earlier and earlier, child sports injuries are becoming more common. According to ABC news, “recent research suggests that as many as four in 10 emergency room visits for children between 5 and 14 years old are for sports-related injuries.” Because young athletes are still growing, they are at a greater risk for sports injuries than adults. Child athletes often suffer greater consequences than adults including disruption of growth, development or bad habits, and future health problems. The most common child sports injuries are categorized as acute injuries or overuse [...]

Benefits of learning a second language at an early age include increased creativity.

Benefits of learning a second language as a child | Ertheo Education & Sport

It can be difficult to raise a bilingual child, but the benefits of learning a second language at an early age are certainly worth the struggle. Bilingual children learn faster and easier, have improved problem solving skills and creativity, and have more career opportunities in adulthood. They also find it easier to connect with other cultures which makes them more open-minded and tolerant of diversity, and they are less likely to experience age-related mental illness as they reach old age. Most importantly, it’s much easier to learn a second language at an early age. In addition, learning a second language isn’t [...]

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Nutrition for young athletes – One month of healthy meals for athletes

“Mom, I’m so hungry.” “Mom, I don’t know what to eat.” “Mom, what’s for dinner?” Click for free MEAL PLANS Click for free Nutrition eBook Feeding your children can be tough, especially when they’re active athletes. If they’re not fed healthy meals for athletes backed by science based nutrition, they’re likely to be hungry all the time. After all, not only do they need to eat enough to fuel their growing bodies, but they also need to meet their nutritional requirements to be able to perform on the soccer field, or the tennis court. And, to be able to perform to their highest potential, they should [...]

Discussing the complete player with soccer coach Oliver Davies

Some people are born to coach. While most youngsters are enjoying themselves on the pitch and dreaming of becoming a professional sports athlete, others are already taking notes and planning their next training session. To get a glimpse inside the mind of such an individual, we spoke to Oliver Davies, soccer coach and founder of Swerve Soccer Camps in the UK. Oliver stepped onto the coaching path at a young age and has remained dedicated to youth development ever since. As a result, hundreds of youngsters have already benefitted from his burgeoning knowledge of the beautiful game. ⇔ Hi Oliver, thanks for [...]

Top Soccer Training Tips to Boost Your Skills Today! With Guest Coach Aaron Conniff-Broome

We are always looking for top soccer training tips and advice for young players. After all, it is our quest to help budding players, parents and coaches to understand the many challenges they may face on the road to becoming a professional. For our latest words of wisdom we turned to Aaron Conniff-Broome, Head Coach at ACB Football Coaching. Aaron is currently an FA Level 2 and FA Youth Module 3 qualified Coach, and as well as running ACB Football Coaching in West Sussex, England, he is also the coach of Sussex University Ladies 2nd team. ACB Football runs a variety [...]

Life beyond the youth soccer academy

Life beyond the Youth Soccer Academy – An Interview with Jack Burns

In our previous interviews, we have gained some great insight into youth coaching from the perspective of coaches at many different levels and ex-players who have gone into coaching later in their careers. But what is it like for a young player today taking their first steps on the road to becoming a professional footballer? How are they treated by the top youth soccer academies? And what happens when they are rejected or their career is hampered by injury? To find out more about player welfare, dealing with setbacks and embracing life beyond the field of play, we spoke to former [...]

Forging a Career in Youth Soccer Coaching with Kirsty McFarlane

As part of our ongoing project to garner the opinions of football coaches from all over the world, we spoke to one of the rising stars of youth soccer coaching in Scotland, Kirsty McFarlane. In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the number of female coaches working within the game. In 2014, Helena Costa became the first female coach to take charge of a men’s professional team when she was appointed Head Coach of Clermont Foot 63 in France. Costa eventually quit her job as Clermont coach because she found out players were being hired without her [...]

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Raise children with high self-esteem | Ertheo Sport & Education

Self-esteem, or the perception of oneself and one’s self-worth, is important for children, teenagers, and adults alike. Children with high self-esteem are more likely to experience academic achievement, success, satisfaction in relationships, and overall happiness. Although self-esteem can change throughout our lives, much of our self-esteem is developed during our early childhood. That’s why it’s important to consider studying the importance of self-esteem and to learn how to improve your child’s self-esteem. Sending your child to a summer soccer camp is a great way to boost your child’s self-esteem. By doing so, you encourage their goals, they make friends, you [...]

Drones and Coaching – An interview with Coach David Powderly

As teams seek to gain every possible advantage, football drone coaching methods are quickly being adopted by today’s progressive and forward-thinking coaches. We spoke to the man behind this innovative and exciting initiative. For those involved in football coaching, watching a match or training session from the touchline seems like such a normal activity. After all, coaches from all over the world have spent decades pacing within their technical areas, observing the game from a lateral side-on view. But it has long been accepted that by watching the sport from this perspective, certain aspects of the game may be distorted [...]