The United States is the preferred country to practice Golf. The best courses and the best universities are in the USA where you can compete and improve your level while you continue with your higher education. Regarding pre-university preparation, USA has magnificent professional golf academies where one can train hard and become the future promise of this sport.

The following high intensity golf schools are available in the USA:

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Summer campus

GGGA Golf Academy in USA 2024

  • Training: 30 h / week
  • English Classes: Yes
  • Required Age: 10 - 18 years
  • Lodging: Double

The complete course lasts 9 months and includes personalized training at the academy and modern apartments for housing. In addition, the GGGA golf school is in partnership with Montverde private Academy, in charge of the academic program for kids who want to combine their training with their academic studies.

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What do the golf academies consist of?

The high intensity golf schools are specialized professional academies that train young golfers who have a special talent in the sport and whose future objective is to become professional golfers or to obtain a sport scholarship in the United States so they can study and compete at a university level. These academies have a great team of professionals who specialize in training elite athletes. They offer intensive training that is physically demanding, so kids can learn to think, play and live like genuine athletes.

When are the programs available at the academies?

The high intensity golf schools are available all year long. They usually have flexible dates and organize personalized programs depending on the needs of each participant. Long duration programs have fixed dates since they must coincide with the academic school year. It´s possible to take several weeks of the program until the end of the school year.

What professional schools do we offer in the USA?

USA has the best high intensity golf schools. Below are the options available:
IMG golf academy in Florida: this academy is known world wide for training elite athletes. It has magnificent facilities and is known for its demanding physical training program. Located in Bradenton, it has been around for years and is one of the best academies in the world. 
GGGA Academy: this academy was founded by the famous trainer; Gary Gilchrist and is also located in Florida. The theme of this academy is that champions are made, not born. Its purpose is to provide athletes with the best possible learning environment and offer each golfer the personalized training needed to reach his/her objectives. 

What level is necessary to attend the academy?

To participate in this academy, you don’t need to have a certain level of golf. The most important thing is to want to learn and work hard in order to improve. Since training is very intense and many hours are practiced a day, the academy is indicated for those who are passionate about the sport. 

How many hours of training do the kids have at these academies?

The high intensity golf academies have a very intense schedule of training. Normally 5 and 6 hours a day are dedicated to this sport divided between physical, technical and strategy training and tournaments take place during the weekends. That is why participants must be in good physical shape and used to practicing sports regularly because if they are not, the academy can result exhausting.

Is there an educational center available at the golf academies?

All the academies have agreements with nearby educational centers in order to offer participants the opportunity to continue with their academic education close to the training facilities. These centers offer a flexible schedule for athletes who train so many hours a day.
The educational program is completely optional at the golf school.

What else is taught at these types of academies?

The professional golf academies offer kids the opportunity to improve their technical level and physical condition as well as many other things. Kids adapt to their new environment and make new friends who have different nationalities. They become independent, self-sufficient, mature youngsters capable of being organized and follow discipline. Students who do not speak English have the opportunity to learn the language.
Ultimately, all their experiences shape their personalities and allow them to grow as individuals.