Golf is one of the most popular sports in Spain, not only because of the amount of Spaniards who practice the sport, but also because all these international sports enthusiasts choose a destination so they can practice golf, take advantage of the great climate and the terrific courses available in our country. These two reasons make Spain an ideal place for golfers. Discover the professional golf academies available in Spain:

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Summer campus

Jason Floyd Golf Academy 2023

  • Training: 15 h / week
  • English Classes: Yes
  • Required Age: 12 - 23 years
  • Lodging: Single or double

The Jason Floyd High Performance Golf Academy is located in Estepona and brings together unique qualities for young golfers who want to improve their golfing skills.

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What do these golf academies consist of?

The high intensity golf schools are specialized centers that teach young players to play the sport and better prepare themselves to someday become professional golf players.

The professional golf academies offer athletes physical, technical and psychological training to reach their full potential as well as offer housing for those who request it. The schools have partnership agreements with one or more educational centers so kids can continue with their academic education and combine it with their intense golf training.

When do the programs take place at the academies?

The high intensity golf schools are open all year long. They offer programs from several weeks to a full academic year period. The annual program starts in September and ends in June coinciding with the school year. Semesters are also available, however courses that last a few weeks have more flexible dates and it´s possible to take a customized course depending on the needs of the participant.

What type of professional golf schools do we offer in Spain?

In Spain we offer the following options:

  • Jason Floyd High intensity golf academy: this academy is located in Estepona and offers a personalized training for boys and girls who want to improve their level and dedicate professionally to golf one day. It offers a high intensity training designed by Jason Floyd and given by his terrific team of professionals who offer players the latest technology in order to improve performance and results. The training program includes physical and technical sessions as well as mental strength and sports strategy. The facilities are fantastic and offer comfortable apartments in Valle Romano to house participants. The International Sotogrande School is the educational center in charge of offering the academic program.

What level is necessary to attend the academies?

To participate in this academy you don´t need to have a certain level in golf. The most important thing is to want to learn and work hard in order to improve. Since the training is quite intense and many hours are dedicated to practice, only those who are passionate about the sport should apply.

How many hours of training do the kids have at these academies?

The high intensity golf academies have a very intense schedule of training. Normally 5 and 6 hours a day are dedicated to this sport divided between physical, technical and strategy training and tournaments take place during the weekends. That is why participants must be in good physical shape and used to practicing sports regularly because if they are not, the academy can result exhausting.

Is there an educational center available at the golf academies?

All the academies have agreements with nearby educational centers in order to offer participants the opportunity to continue with their academic education close to the training facilities. These centers offer a flexible schedule for athletes who train so many hours a day.

The educational program is completely optional at the golf school.

What else is taught at these type of academies?

Participating in a long duration course at the high intensity golf academy is an experience that provides much more than just golf improvement. Being away from the family allows participants the opportunity to get out of their comfort level and take on responsibilities that help them mature. Social interactions are also important. Participants get to know other kids from different cultures who share the same passion for golf. Kids also learn the values of the sport as well as the importance to continue with healthy lifestyle habits.