What do the English classes consist of?

The English classes are taught by specialized language schools. When the children arrive at the camp they perform a test to place each student in his/her appropriate level. The instructors who teach the classes are native teachers, perfectly trained to teach English to the children. The classes are of between 8 and 15 students so that the teachers can meet the needs of all students in an appropriate manner. Depending on the camp chosen by the kids, they will receive between 10 and 15 hours of English per week in addition to performing exercises to advance in grammar, they will improve their understanding, pronunciation and conversation. The learning of the children grows in a short time due to the total immersion that occurs, since both staff and their peers, will communicate in English to be able to make themselves understood while many different nationalities coexist in the camp.


How are the classes?

The English classes cover all the subjects: vocabulary, grammar, conversation, reading or comprehension. 15 Hours of class per week with which the students will improve their English level thanks to the teaching methods that are carried out. Classes are focused on the kids having fun, as well as written exercises, they perform different games or debates about golf. Thus they remain vigilant and active and do not take classes as an obligation. At the end of the camp, students will be awarded a certificate with the level of English achieved in the classes.