Learn the techniques of the professionals and develop your skills

The kids who are passionate about golf have the opportunity to live an incredible experience during their vacation practicing this beautiful sport at the golf summer camps that we offer in various destinations throughout the world. There are two types of camps of golf, a few that are available at all levels, from beginners to advanced, for children who want to learn or refine the basic techniques of this sport while having fun, go on excursions or improve English, and also high-performance camps for young people who wish to take advantage of their school holidays to devote 100% to this sport in search of a single goal, to become a professional golfer.

Develop their skills

Both at the high performance or at those suitable for all levels, true professionals in this sport are available to train the pupils- their skill and experience will ensure that children get the most out of their at the camp and improve their technique and skills for golf. The objective of the coaches is to obtain the maximum potential out of each child and instill discipline inherent to this sport, without forgetting the fun part of it.

What is practiced in the training?

During the stay of the children at the golf camps, they receive a daily training where, depending on their level, they receive a program suited to their needs and objectives.

There is a physical training with exercises specifically designed for the practice of golf where the muscles and movements that are performed in the field are worked upon. Also all techniques of this sport are practiced, like the swing, short game, or the Putt, among others. The mental part is also trained. The kids will receive the best advice of the coaches so that they can learn their strengths and weaknesses and how perfect them to continue improving their game.

Other camp activities

The golf camps in addition to the daily training offer other activities such as language learning, excursions or leisure activities with the objective of not only focusing on the sport but also making  friends, relating to each other and continuing to learn outside of the school season:

  • Language learning: in most of the golf camps (with the exception of high performance ones) kids receive English classes daily by accredited schools so that addition to golf they can also advance in their language level. More information on the English and golf classes.
  • Leisure activities: the children are an inexhaustible source of energy. The camps are skilled in dealing with children and do a great amount of fun and entertainment activities for the children to continue having fun when they finish their training or their daily classes. This way it is also intended that the children remain always entertained, get to know each other better and establish friendships.
  • Weekend excursions: on weekends the daily routine is changed and is devoted to excursions to visit the places of interest located in the city where the camp is located.