During their stay at the tennis camps, the kids receive English classes so that, in addition to sports, they can improve their language skills.

Children of different nationalities come to the camps therefore both the coaches as well as the monitors use English to communicate with the kids. This way, the kids get a total immersion in the language which helps them to advance more rapidly in their classes and thus able to return home with a better level.

What do the English classes consist of?

Clases de inglés en campamento de tenis

The language classes are taught by specialized language schools. When the children arrive at the camp a test to place each student in his or her appropriate level is performed. Those in charge of teaching the classes are native teachers, perfectly trained to teach English to the children.

Depending on the camp chosen the kids will receive between 10 and 15 hours of English per week in addition to performing exercises to improve their grammar, improving their conversation and pronunciation. The learning of the children grows in a short time due to the total immersion that occurs, as both employees and children between themselves, will communicate in English to be able to make themselves understood as many different nationalities coexist in the camp.

How are the classes?

Funny English Classes

The classes are focused on improving oral communication although all areas of learning like grammar, writing or oral and written comprehension, are touched upon. Teachers use issues related to tennis so that the students can put all their focus and motivation into learning.

At the end of the English course, each student is given a certificate with the level reached.