Entertainment, fun, sports and friends: an unforgettable experience

At the tennis camps young people enjoy their summer vacation playing sports, making friends from different nationalities, learning languages and especially having a great time and enjoying the tennis.


Discover everything that the summer tennis camps have to offer.

Develop their skills

Young people who come to the tennis camps have the opportunity to improve their skills and learn physical and mental techniques of hand game from the best coaches who will motivate kids to improve their tennis level as much as possible also enhancing their performance.


We have camps for all levels; young people who want to get started in this sport up to those who want to devote themselves to tennis professionally and may need to continue perfecting their technique during their vacations and without giving up the fun while living a very rewarding experience with new teammates and multitude of leisure activities outside the training schedules can participate.

What is practiced in the training?

The trainings are tailored to the needs and objectives of each child. Depending on the tennis level of each one, the coaches will focus on improving different skills, for example:


Tennis training for beginners:  young people who are starting in this sport will receive an individualized attention to learn the basic techniques of tennis.


Tennis Training for intermediate players: will be able to improve their skills, refine their technique, discover their strengths and learn how to use them in their matches and play with advantage.


Tennis Training for advanced players: will receive a more specific training, will practice more technical things such as footwork, spins or positions. The coaches will be in charge of making them learn everything they need so that one day they can fulfill their dream of dedicating themselves professionally to this sport.


Other camp activities

Since not everything is going to be tennis, the camp organizes different activities to ensure that the children have fun and continue learning outside of the training or weekend schedule:


  • Language learning: the majority of the tennis camps, in addition to the personal one-on-one training to improve the children’s tennis skills, teach English so that the kids can make the best of this experience and return home not only with the best tennis level, but also with a greater knowledge of languages. Some of the camps also offer the possibility of receiving French classes. Read more about tennis and languages.
  • Leisure activities: we must not forget that the kids come to the camp during their school vacation that is why the organizers make a program of activities so that the children can always be entertained and happy. Each camp sets its activities. Some of them are for example games, costume parties, karaoke, activities in the swimming pool, etc. The children, in addition to fun, get to know their peers better and practice their English to communicate with them.
  • Weekend excursions: usually during the weekends excursions are made to visit the places of greatest interest of the city where the camp is located, museums and other cultural visits.