Spanish football is in fashion and this sweet moment is also reflected in the abundance of coaches nation wide that lead professional football teams. Prestigious experts such as Pep Guardiola, Vicente del Bosque, Rafa Benítez, Luis Enrique and Unai Emery are recognised at a global level due to their success with their teams in recent years.

After winning the Euro Cup in 2008 in Austria and especially after winning the world title two years later in South Africa, Spain burst on to the international scene with a distinct game style, dubbed by experts as “tiquitaca” which is based on short, precise passes and dominance of the attack on defence, search space and maintaining possession.

To this day, the Spanish football model is studied and analysed everywhere, bringing many players and coaches from other countries to Spain, that have decided to travel in order to understand first hand the method behind the work of the national coaches.

Not long ago there was a false belief that in order to win the Spanish league "La Liga" you had to hire a foreign coach. Since then this belief has changed radically and nowadays more than 90% of the coaches that work in the first or second division are Spanish.

If you feel true passion for football and your dream is to train a team, in Spain there are many interesting academies that offer specific programs for coaches.

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