We offer the best summer soccer camps in Spain affiliated with world-famous clubs like Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. You can choose from goalkeeper training programs, to all girls programs, to high performance soccer academies, and more.

To help you choose the perfect soccer camp in Spain, we’ve designed some infographics you can use to easily compare information such as price, lodging, hours of training per week, etc. You can also download the brochures of various camps or request a personalized quote by clicking below.


These summer soccer camps in Spain consist of technical and tactical training sessions for all skill levels, language classes with dynamic and innovative teaching methods, and a wide range of leisure activities to establish camaraderie and friendship among campers.
Participants are typically between 7 and 18 years old, although, in some cases, campers may be as young as 6 or as old as 21. Upon arriving to the camp, participants are broken up into small groups depending on their age and skill level. In this way, all athletes are guaranteed personalized training and significant technical improvement.
Altogether, our soccer camps in Spain offer a wide variety of programs which have been designed with different kinds of athletes in mind. The Real Madrid summer soccer camp offers a full training technification program along with the option to study English. Other camps like The High Performance Training Program in Barcelona and the FC Barcelona Escola Camp are for more serious athletes and offer more intensive training sessions. The Atlético de Madrid Camp and Camp Rialp in Andorra, on the other hand, are dedicated to providing participants with a fun and entertaining summer experience.
Although these programs may differ in their intensity and unique objectives, all programs offer personalized quality training and follow the same basic timetable. That is to say, participants are usually broken up into groups depending on age and skill level to ensure personalized training. Furthermore, most soccer training sessions occur during the mornings while afternoons are usually reserved for language classes and entertaining activities. Lastly, all the summer soccer programs in Spain that we offer share the common objective that participants leave the camps with a comprehensive understanding of soccer. 

Camp participants at each of our Spanish summer soccer camps receive professional training from expert Young athletes. Campers dramatically improve their physical fitness while learning key strategies and techniques that help develop them into great soccer players. It goes without saying that along the way they learn all the essential values every athlete recognizes and practices: strength, discipline, health, companionship, teamwork, selflessness, etc.
All our camps provide socialization programs and entertainment to ensure that participants not only learn about soccer but that they also make lasting friendships and create unforgettable summer memories.