3 Epic Winter Soccer Camps in Spain & England for Aspiring Professional Footballers

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3 Epic Winter Soccer Camps in Spain & England for Aspiring Professional Footballers

Cold winter weather can really set serious athletes back. At Ertheo, we offer high performance winter soccer camp opportunities in Spain and England, where serious athletes can spend from several weeks up fine-tuning their skills. Our three best winter soccer camps for athletes who would like to train at a professional level are located in Sevilla, Barcelona and England.

Why sign up for a winter soccer camp?

  • Get ahead of the competition & Capitalize on winter breaks

It’s not easy to become a professional footballer. You better believe that as student athletes, professionals and serious athletes dedicated as much time as possible to their football careers in order to get them to where they are today. That means, they definitely took advantage of winter breaks to attend camps that would sharpen their skills. If you’re serious about football, you’ll do the same.

  • Take advantage of this multi-cultural experience

Student athletes from all over the world participate in these winter soccer camps. Joining one is not only a chance to check out the competition around the world, but also a chance to make life-long friends with international students while simultaneously practicing English.

Our  winter soccer camp in Barcelona offers boys and girls, between the ages of 8 and 18, the opportunity to train for two or four weeks at the Barcelona Football Academy.

You don’t need special skills to sign up for the course since we train players of all levels. However, you do need basic football knowledge and a deep love of the sport to participate.

That being said, many professional players have trained at the Barcelona Football Academy including Barcelona’s current right back and the Spanish National Team’s Jordi Alba. Don’t miss the opportunity to train alongside highly skilled athletes.

During your stay in Barcelona, you will train at the ESPORTIVA CORNELLÀ field. This is one of the best soccer fields in Spain with more than 1,000 registered players in many training programs.

Features of the Barcelona Winter Soccer Camp

Features of the Barcelona winter soccer camp include:

  • Expert training from a qualified soccer center that works with professional players
  • The opportunity to play friendly games against other student athletes.
  • Academic component. Study EnglishSpanish, or Catalan.
  • Student housing in a single room or a room shared with other students
  • Wi-Fi, lounge, and entertainment center.
  • 24-hour security and concierge service.
  • Field trips to local soccer stadiums
  • Guided tours and field trips to the beach.

Convinced yet? Check prices and dates here.

Barcelona High Performance Winter Soccer Programmes

The academy’s mission is to train young players to be intelligent footballers and to help them reach their maximum potential both on and off the pitch.
Barcelona High Performance Academy winter soccer camp

Boys & Girls, 8 – 18 years old

Dates: September – June


3 or 6 month programme

1 – 6 week short intensive programme

  • The Sevilla Soccer Academy is considered one of the best soccer schools in Spain (and probably the world) as a result of its state of the art facilities and excellent coaching.
  • The Sevilla Soccer Academy only works with licensed professionals who are experienced in coaching at the highest level. Participants will get first hand experience from these excellent trainers and learn the training methods of one of the most famous clubs in Spain.
  • More than 100 players have passed through this academy and have become elite soccer athletes. Among those are Beñat from Atletic Bilbao and Joaquin from  Real Betis. Both have also played for the Spanish National Team.

Features of the Sevilla Winter Soccer Camp

The Sevilla Soccer Academy organizes several winter soccer camps that last between 2 and 4 weeks during January and February.

The Sevilla Winter Soccer Camp programme includes:

  • Spanish or English classes (depending on participant’s country of origen)
  • Training sessions by professional coaches with experience
  • Friendly match play against other student atheltes.
  • Field trips to different beautiful Andalusian cities such as Sevilla, Granada, and Córdoba.
  • The opportunity to attend a live soccer match in Spain.
  • Lodging at the recently renovated university’s student housing or with a host family.
  • Guided tours and field trips to the beach.

The academy offers more than just soccer and invites you to live a rich and complete experience. To learn more about prices and dates please access this link.

Sevilla Soccer Academy Winter Soccer Camp

More than 100 players have passed through this academy and have become elite soccer athletes.
Sevilla FC Winter Soccer Camps

Boys & Girls, 15 – 20 years old

Short Programmes

2 / 4 weeks in January or February

Youth Programme

3 / 6 month programme

Professional Programme

6 months / 1 year

The High Performance Football Academy in England offers intensive winter soccer camps for players between the ages of 14 and 21. This football academy is characterised by its intensity and high level, where training can be combined with English classes.

The camp is mainly aimed at players who are looking to make real progress in all facets of their game and in physical and mental preparation. Student athletes also have the opportunity to take part in friendly matches against other teams from nearby towns.

The academy organises short and long term programmes throughout the year, with a range of interesting education options. Get in touch with us for more information.

Features & Benefits of the Winter Soccer Camp in England

  • Coaches work with players to improve all facets of their game, offering a very complete coaching package.
  • Camp specialist staff monitor the players’ progress and help them in other areas important to their development such as sports nutrition.
  • The winter soccer camp in England gives participants the chance to experience something similar to the day to day life of a professional footballer, including match preparation.
  • Training includes physical conditioning. Athletes attend daily gym sessions to improve their physical fitness.
  • The English course comprises 3 hours a day of classes and students are placed into groups based on their level. Groups are taught by native English speaking teachers, who monitor the progress of each student.
  • During their stay, the winter soccer camp organises activities for the participants, including swimming, ten pin bowling, visits to football stadia, etc.

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High Performance Football Academy in England

For players who are looking to improve all aspects of their game with intensive training.
Winter Soccer Camp in England

Boys & Girls, 14 – 21 years old


Short term and long term programmes available

Match play at winter soccer camps -The High Performance Football Academy in England

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