We all recognize the importance of being multilingual in today’s world, and hence, many of our football camps, besides football, also offer its campers the possibility to perfect their English language skills.

We have 5 DEPORTE camps in UK that offer English classes.
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We can also offer you 53 DEPORTE camps in other locations that offer English classes.
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How are the English Courses Structured?

English Courses in Football Soccer Camp Manchester United Soccer School

The camps collaborate with the best language schools to guarantee the best learning. The classes are taught by professors who are not only English native speakers but also extremely xperienced in language teaching.

On arriving at camp, each child will sit a short language test to determine their approximate English language level which serves for better organisation of class groups comprising students who share more or less the same language skill level which promotes more efficient learning.

Depending on the camp, the children will have 10-15 hours of English class per week of English class.

What’s more, all the camp supervisors, coaches and staff communicate with the children in English whether it be on guided tours or during other social and general activities. This practice is to create an encouraging total immersion environment in which the children can pick up the language more naturally outside of formal lessons and has proven to be extremely effective.

What Are the Actual Lessons Like?

Funny English Classes

Dynamic teaching methods are employed to keep the children motivated while they learn useful concepts in a fun way. Besides studying grammar and phonetics, the children are made to watch movies, sing songs and learn specific football vocabulary which they will put to use in their daily training sessions.

Upon completion of the course, each student will receive a diploma indicating the English language level that he/she attained.

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