Want To Pass Like Xavi, Pirlo or Iniesta? You Need To Learn These Top Soccer Passing Drills Today!

soccer passing drills

Want To Pass Like Xavi, Pirlo or Iniesta? You Need To Learn These Top Soccer Passing Drills Today!

Most soccer passing drills are fun and can be practiced anywhere. And whatever potion you play in, your game will benefit from some extra passing practice. Here are a few drills to get you passing like a master today.

The master of the pass

Every soccer fan loves to watch skillful players taking on opponents and scoring spectacular goals. But real connoisseurs of the game appreciate nothing more than a perfectly placed pass that opens up play and leads to a goal-scoring opportunity.

The perfect through-ball or killer pass can be a thing of beauty, causing the crowd to gasp in amazement as the ball is guided with laser-like precision to its destination. A well-placed pass can slice open the toughest of defensive lines and thechange the course of a match.

To understand the kind of passing we are talking about, look no further than this compilation of former Barcelona midfielder Xavi Hernandez in action:

Poetry in motion

Perhaps even more impressive are the sequences of passes from a well-drilled team that seem almost telepathic. When a team is so finely-tuned with each other that every player knows exactly how and where their teammates will move during each phase of play. When this results in a goal, it is even more satisfying.

This type of play has become affectionately known as “tiki-taka” since the late Spanish soccer commentator Andres Montes used the colloquial Spanish term while covering a match involving the Spanish national team during the 2006 World Cup.

Here are a few examples of goals that are the result of great teamwork:

Soccer passing drills

Passing a ball from one place to another may not seem difficult but the truth is, passing a soccer ball is an art in itself. Of course, accuracy is important but so is the weight, speed and trajectory of the pass. An accurate pass that is too slow can break the momentum of play and allow the opposition to regroup.

An over-hit pass can prevent a striker from taking a shot on goal or can result in an interception and loss of possession. A pass that is too high or too fast can be difficult to control and can slow down play. The differences may be subtle but they can affect the result of a match. A team that passes well will retain more possession and if that possession is used efficiently, more goal-scoring chances will be created.

Here are a few basic soccer passing drills from the team at Joner1on1 in Australia to get you started:

For a selection of great passing drills that you can practice in a team situation check out this page from Soccer Coaching Pro. You can also follow them on twitter here.

Pass and move

Long before the term “tika-taka” was used, football pundits used to talk about the concept of “pass and move”. This style of play was mainly associated with Liverpool football team during the late 1970s and 1980s.

The term refers to the act of passing the ball and them moving to a position where you are available to receive it again. By passing, receiving and then moving into space, a fluid style of play is created. If this is done correctly, the opposition players will struggle to get near the ball and an attacking move can quickly be created.

As we can see in this more recent video depicting the Liverpool team facing Borussia Dortmund, the concept of pass and move is still alive and well at the football club.

In this following video from Pro-soccerdrills the player learn to pass, turn, receive and move in one fluid movement. These variations can help with basic pass and move techniques and also improve a player’s first touch. The drills also require to player to be aware of their own positioning and the movement of their teammates. This means keeping their head up and reacting quickly to the situation.

Coaching points that are covered here include:

  • Keeping the head up
  • Orientation through communication
  • Accuracy of passing
  • Using both feet to pass and receive
  • Performing the drills in both directions
  • Raising intensity and improving rhythm

More simple soccer passing drills

Finally, here are some simple drills from Become Elite that you can practice with a partner. These repetitive-type drills are essential for any player looking to develop their technique. By repeating these movements, you will build up muscle memory and each passing move will become like a natural process that you barely have to think about.

In truth, what might seem like natural talent and ability in top players has actually been achieved through relentless training regimes and thousands of hours of drills. To reach that level, you need to put in the hours and perfect your technique.

We hope you enjoyed our article on soccer passing drills. Remember, passing is just one aspect of the game that you will need to master if you want to play at a high level.

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