Parents think about the benefits of soccer camps

Parents think about the benefits of soccer camps

The parents of the students who have attended to the camps we offer in Ertheo have given us their opinion on the benefits of soccer camps, which are much more than just a place to practice sport.

A summer camp can help students to improve their knowledge of other language, offer a life-changing experience and improve the children’s probabilities of becoming an elite athlete. In addition, a sports camp can also play an important role on the kid’s personal development.

We shouldn’t forget that every parent has his/her own motivations to value this kind of camps, as well as their key concerns. We will to try to solve them all below.

We have talked to parents who have already lived the experience of sending their kids to a sports summer camp, so we can adress those common concerns and discover the benefits of soccer camps for the lives of the people who have already been through that experience.

“Overall, my son loved the atmosphere of the camp. He was impressed that it was a truly international environment, with excellent players from many countries. The level of training is quite high.” Alan McGuire – USA.

What are you looking for in a sports camp?

This may sound like an obvious question – but it is an important one. Sports summer camps can be about so much more than just sport. A summer camp can help a student to improve their language skills, offer a life-changing experience or improve a child’s chances of becoming a professional sportsperson. However, a sports camp can also play a major role in their personal development.

Of course, every parent has their own motivations for considering a sports camp for their child, and every parent has their own questions and concerns that need to be addressed. By talking to real parents that have already placed their child at a summer camp, we can not only address some of those common concerns, but we can also discover the positive effects that it has had on the lives of those involved.

A positive environment for youth development

In our experience; parents, students and staff members never cease to be amazed at the life-enhancing effects that our courses can have on the children. Common areas where personal growth is reported include:

  • Self-esteem
  • Relationship building
  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Leadership skills
  • Cultural awareness
  • Development of personal values
  • Decision making
  • Sociability
  • Spirituality

All of these factors can benefit students later in life. By developing their personalbenefits of soccer camps ertheoities and adopting a mature and independent attitude, students can improve their chances of getting into their preferred university or making the right career choice.

Different parents – common concerns

We speak to parents from many different countries and from many walks of life, but they all have the same concerns about sending their child away to a summer camp. The most common concerns include:

  • Cost of the camps: Summer camps can seem expensive at first and every parent wants to be sure that the overall experience offers good value for money.
  • Sending their child away: It is only natural that parents should be apprehensive about sending their child away for two weeks or more – often to a foreign country

To address these concerns, and to help us to continue improving our service, we have spoken to many parents, both face-to-face and via questionnaires, and asked for their feedback. Their honest responses can be a useful reference point for other parents that are considering booking a summer sports camp for their child.

What the parents say – case studies

Case 1

We asked Spanish client Alejandro Prieto Perez to tell us about his son’s experience at our soccer camp. Like benefits of soccer camps ertheomany parents, Alejandro had concerns about sending his child away from home, but as he explained: “It’s been phenomenal, from the first day my son felt safe and well attended.”
And about the soccer and language classes, he said “there was no problem with the language – the classes were great fun, as were the training sessions”.

As we can see, Alejandro emphasized how safe his son felt at the camp, and how much fun he had in both the language classes and in the sports training sessions. Ensuring that children have fun in a safe environment is one of the primary concerns of all our summer camps. And when a child expresses their desire to return – there is no better endorsement of our services!

Case 2

Juan Gonzalez was also apprehensive about sending his son away for a significant period of time: “It was his first solo experience.” “He became more responsible and improved his language. He enjoyed being with people of different nationalities and learnt to be tolerant. It is a very good experience for parents and children”, Juan said.

Juan reflected on the values of responsibility and tolerance that his son learned while attending the camp. Of course, his son also achieved his main objective of improving his language skills but as is often the case, both the parent and the student gained more than they imagined from the experience.

Case 3

Marco Antonio Cardenas Lubskiy from Mexico sent his son to our soccer camp in Madrid where he got a very pleasant surprise: “Just meeting Gareth Bale changed his view of him, he began to admire him even more and he would have liked to have met more of the players”. Marco’s son got to meet the world’s most expensive footballer and gave him the seal of approval! You never know who you might meet at one of our summer camps!

Case 4

Also from Mexico, Juan Nicolas Torres Ayala talked about the quality of the soccer training and how his son Nico enjoyed learning from professional Coaches. “The truth is he was very satisfied. It pleased him that they thoroughly discussed what is good and obviously what is bad, because that is important. They recognized his skills but always created an attitude to improve. Always being honest”, Nicolas said.

Juan also talked about the impact that the social environment had on his son: “Knowing colleagues from other countries with the same tastes and interest was very motivating. Apart from that, it encouraged much conviviality between different cultures.”

“In general, Nico came back more than satisfied and very happy. For me that’s enough but furthermore, it was reflected in the photos that they put on the web, and made me feel calm and happy that he was there with you. Many thanks!”, Juan told us.

In this case, Nico was satisfied and pleased with the honest approach of the Coaches. He was also motivated by the multi-cultural environment. In addition, his parents felt calm and happy knowing that he was enjoying himself at the camp.

Case 5

The Beck family from Venezuela sent their son to a soccer camp to improve his goalkeeping skills and got much more than they bargained for. Father Andre Giuliano Giarratana Beck enthused: “So many anecdotes, so much to benefits of soccer camps ertheotell… I would have to summarize that the most important things have been his great satisfaction with the opportunity to participate in the camp, making new friends and improving his technique as a goalkeeper – although he does not belong to a team. It motivated him and helped to raise his self-esteem, he had very good feedback from the guides and Coaches. Well, the most important thing is, he wants to return!”.

This parent mentioned the higher level of self-esteem that their son achieved during his stay. This factor alone can make the summer camp a worthwhile investment for many parents.

What the children say

Alek Alvarez Bermudez’s parents decided to send him to a football camp to improve his football skills and to experience living side-by-side with children from other countries. They choose Real Madrid because of the great prestige of the club and because the camp had been recommended by friends. They were also aware of the club’s reputation for developing young players.

Alek also pointed out that: “Real Madrid is my favorite team!” Alek’s father chose to book the child accompaniment service and noted that: “There was no problem, the airlines are very safe with children… everything went very well”. He added: “I arrived safely, they were waiting at the airport and took me to the camp by bus.”

About the camp itself, Alek stated that: “I adapted very well, made good friends, there were 4-5 other Spanish children”.  “I liked the training camp, playing in the field, the coaches were very good, and the rest of the staff and accommodation were also very good”, Alek told us. Alek’s father explained that he spoke to his son every day but not much was said because Alek was very happy at the camp!

He expressed his satisfaction with the service, explaining that: “Alek has acquired a better technique in football, has been living together with children from all over the world, learned to be tidy, to get up early, have breakfast, play sports and meet certain rules.”

“Alek is still involved, and has keep in touch with his friends because they made a camp group on WhatsApp! They are even talking about going back next summer!”, Alek´s father said. Alek mentioned that he adapted well and made good friends and his father also pointed out that he acquired a better technique in football. And once again, there was talk about going back next year!

What have we learned from talking to the parents & students?

As you can see, every parent and every child takes something different away from the experience. However, the focus of the feedback often goes well beyond the field pf play. Children of all ages can benefits of soccer camps, even if they are not planning on a career in sport. Let’s take a quick look at some of the keywords from our case studies:

  • Safe
  • Fun
  • Responsible
  • Tolerant
  • Better technique
  • Adapted well
  • Good friends
  • Satisfied
  • Pleased
  • Honest
  • Motivated
  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Self-esteem

Amongst the wide variety of feedback that we receive there is a common thread of positivity. And nearly all of our students express a desire to return. However, as you can see from our case studies, it is the parents that are often the most surprised by the effect that the sports camp has on their child.

So, is a sports camp right for your child?

By sharing the real life experiences of other parents, we hope that any initial concerns and reservations that you may have had have been eased. If you decide to send your child to one of our sports camps, we are sure that you will also be equally amazed by the positive effect that it can have on the development of your child – both as a sports player and also as a person. So, what better way to end than to let a parent have the final word?

“More than anything, it gave them rich relationships with children of many different countries, and gave great memories to all of them.” – Iñigo Latasa Amezqueta – Spain.

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