If your child loves to travel, meet people and practice golf habitually or would like to get started in this sport, we want to offer him/her a different experience.

It is about spending a few weeks at a summer camp, but not any camp, but a golf camp with languages.

Clients who contact Ertheo before booking a camp or program are much more satisfied with their overall experience.

Summer campus

Golf + Languages - Dublin 2023

  • Training: 10 h / week
  • English Classes: 15 lessons / week
  • Required Age: 12 - 17 years
  • Lodging: Single or double rooms Apartment for 6 participants

If your child likes golf and you are looking for the perfect deal that combines fun and study for their summer vacation, look no further, this is their camp.

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Do you want to give your child a special vacation this summer?

At these camps your child will have the opportunity to play golf with professional coaches who will teach them techniques to improve their skills while learning English and performing multitude of entertainment activities typical of the summer camps.

A great and healthy mixture of physical exercise, languages and multiculturalism that will make them spend a few exciting weeks.

We offer golf camps in several destinations such as Spain, the United States or the United Kingdom, but also to other destinations such as Ireland.

Where are the camps located?

The camp that we offer in Ireland is Emerald, which offers a golf and English program and is located in the capital, Dublin. The residence where the kids will be staying at is located at just 9km from the airport. A fantastic location not only for its proximity from the airport to the facilities, but also for its good airline connections.

What level is required to access these camps?

This camp is available for children of all levels with ages between 12 and 17 years. It is a perfect option for young people who are starting, this way they can learn the technique correctly from scratch, but also for those children who already have a basis and what they want is to improve their game level. The coaches will give them the best tips so that little by little they can become skillful players.

In golf the technique is not the only important thing, but also the mental strength and strategy form a very important part of the game. The coaches will teach them how to master all aspects of golf so they can keep working on them in the future.

Can you learn English at the golf camps?

Of course, the majority of camps offer, aside from the training, English classes that are taught by specialized language academies. The kids will perform a test to establish their level on the first day and the homogeneous distribution of the students in the classes will be made.

In addition, the mere fact of being a few weeks at a golf camp abroad already involves a total language immersion since children from different parts of the world live together and both the coaches as well as the rest of the camp staff communicate with the kids in English.

What more can be learned at these camps?

The summer camps are, as a rule, a very rewarding experience for the kids, where not only do they learn to live together with other peers, but also begin to cope by themselves without the need to rely on the family for every moment of the day. They earn maturity and independence. At the camps there is a very healthy and happy environment where sport is the main engine and with it all its values and healthy living habits.