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Summer camps are a great opportunity for children to make friends and make memories while they learn and grow. Nowadays, with so many summer camps to choose from, kids can attend more specialized summer camps to learn and grow in specific areas. Since learning a second language has become more important, more and more summer camps, particularly sports camps, have added foreign language classes as an option for their students. Soccer and Spanish camps are particularly common since Spain is home to some of the best soccer camps in the world. Students attend soccer camps in Spain while learning Spanish and learning about Spanish culture.

The three best soccer and Spanich camps in Spain to improve both on the field and in the classroom are:

  1. The Real Madrid Campus Experience Foundation Soccer and Spanish camp
  2. FC Porto High-performance in Valencia Soccer and Spanish camp
  3. Barcelona High-performance Soccer and Spanish camp

Soccer for all ages and levels

These soccer and Spanish camps accepts boys and girls from as young as 6 years old up to 21 years old. They accommodate players of all levels from beginners to advanced, federated players. During the first day of camp, students are separated into appropriate groups based on age and level. That way, students are sure to be playing alongside other students who play at a similar level.

It’s often hard to choose a soccer camp with an appropriate level of play for our children. If the level of play is too low, students are disappointed and bored. On the contrary, if the level is too high, students can lose confidence in their skills. At these soccer and Spanish camp, students are placed in groups where they’re comfortable practicing and competing with other camp participants.

Spanish classes are determined in the same manner. At the beginning of the camp, student take Spanish level tests to determine their level. Then, students are placed into groups based on age and level. That way, they’re sure to feel comfortable practicing their second language.

Spanish with native and bilingual instructors

Learning Spanish is difficult, so methodology is important. At the these Soccer and Spanish camps, Spanish classes are designed to be entertaining to capture and maintain the students’ attention. Since all participants at camp are interested in soccer, students learn soccer themed vocabulary and participate in interactive activities (e.g. role-play) that combine learning Spanish and learning soccer.

Students study for 8 – 10 hours a week with native speaking teachers which provides for a more complete learning experience. They practice all four core aspects of language: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Spanish conversation is encouraged, and teachers use soccer as a common conversation topic to motivate students.

Linguistic immersion at soccer and Spanish camps

A soccer and Spanish camp in Spain is a completely authentic experience. Soccer is the most popular sport in Spain. In a 2014 survey, 74.9% of Spaniards said they watched, whenever possible, their favorite teams play, and 42.4% had, flags, badges or other objects supporting their favorite teams. Football fan culture is everywhere in Spain.

And, there’s no better place to learn Spanish than in the homeland. At these soccer camps, children get to practice their Spanish with other children who were born and raised in Spain. Children at soccer and spanish camps in Spain often bond over their love for soccer and become lifelong friends and penpals.

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Spanish Classes at Real Madrid Spanish and Soccer Camp

At the Real Madrid Soccer and Spanish camp, students study spanish for 5 hours a week from Monday to Friday. The maximum number of students per class is 15 and each group comprises learners of similar ability. Choices International language school is in charge of the Spanish courses. Classes take place at the student residence in study rooms which are fully equipped for teaching.

The Real Madrid Soccer and Spanish camp is very international, and students are often forced to speak their second languages whether English or Spanish­ to communicate. This is a unique experience for the students to practice their second languages with native speakers.

Student life at Real Madrid Soccer and Spanish camp

Students at the Real Madrid Soccer and Spanish camp live and train in a clean and safe environment. Housing and facilities are clean and well-maintained and under 24-hour surveillance. The housing has a TV & DVD room, study hall, computer and game room, gymnasium, laundry room and nighttime security.

Camp monitors organize activities for students during the evening hours to encourage the students to communicate and form friendships. Activities may include Kareoke, costume parties, or magic shows. On weekends, students explore Spanish culture and customs. They take field trips into the city of Madrid and visit local historical sights, museums, etc.

Training at the Real Madrid Soccer and Spanish camp

At the Real Madrid Campus Experience Foundation soccer and Spanish camp, students train in the same facilities as Real Madrid’s first team – an exhilarating and motivating experience for young children. The camp is available for students between 9 and 17 years old and also offers a special program for goalkeepers.

Training covers three important aspects of soccer training – technical-tactical skills, physical fitness, and mental strength. Camp instructors are dedicated to introducing sport psychology to the children and helping improve their mental strength so they can focus and remain calm and composed during competitions.

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Spanish Classes at FC Porto Spanish and Soccer Camp

At the FC Porto Soccer and Spanish camp, children study Spanish for 1.5 hours a day from Monday to Friday. They study through the Helen Doron Academy with native, Spanish-speaking teachers in groups of 12. That way, all students have the chance to participate.

Students receive class materials at the academy. Upon course completion, they receive a certificate stating that they have completed the course and that their Spanish has improved during their stay.

Student life at FC Porto Soccer and Spanish camp

At the FC Porto Soccer and Spanish camp, students stay in air-conditioned double rooms with their own private bathrooms. The housing is clean and well-kept. Every two days, students receive a new set of clean bedsheets and a fresh clean towel.

The residence has a game room, a TV room, and ping-pong and other table games for the enjoyment of camp participants during their free time. Students may also use the gym and the locker rooms during their stay.

Camp monitors at the Porto FC football camp in Valencia organize various activities during the afternoons including basketball tournaments, videogame tournaments, or ping-pong tournaments. On Sundays, the students go on field trips which could include rafting, hiking, or other adventure-themed activities.

Training at the FC Porto Soccer and Spanish camp

Children train for 20 hours a week at the FC Porto Soccer and Spanish camp. Training is focused on individual technical improvement during the morning and on tactical strategies and teamwork at midday. Coaches design a personalized plan for each player with both generic and specific objectives so players improve their overall technique and game intelligence and also their personal weaknesses.

Fun through football is one of the principal pillars of the Porto FC camp in Valencia. Even during training, coaches organize fun activities like penalty battles and 1v1 competitions.

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Training at Barcelona High-performance Soccer Camp

Training at the Barcelona High-performance soccer and Spanish camp is intensive and designed for advanced players. Students who attend should be responsible and serious about reaching their full potential as soccer players. Training starts at 9:00 AM and continues until 5:00 PM or 6:00 PM, making it suitable for only the most highly skilled, physically fit athletes.

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