The Catalonia Tennis Resort (CTR) sports academy organises an annual summer tennis camp at its facilities in Gerona. The camp is open to young tennis players between 10 and 18 years old, although we also accept girls and boys as young as 8 years of age as long as they are accompanying an older brother or sister, or another older relative or friend.

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Camp Rating

Sports Facilities
Total Valoration:

Camp details

20 h / week
English Classes:
5 lessons / week
Required Age:
10 - 18 years
Shared by 6-12 participants

Age Ratio:
10 - 11
11 - 12
12 - 14
14 - 17
Boys / Girls Ratio:
Positive Values
  • Good tennis coaching programme

  • Training groups divided by age and level

Negative Values
  • Only a small number of social activities

A typical day at
A typical day at

There are 20 hours a week of intensive tennis coaching sessions which take place between Monday and Friday. There are two possible training programmes: perfecting technique and competition.

The camp also offers the option to take one hour a day (5 hours a week) of language classes (English or Spanish).

CTR Tennis Academy has two fantastic accommodation options to choose from. These are: apartments in the academy or a 4-star hotel situated near the academy which has individual, double, triple or quadruple rooms. The sports complex has 14 tennis courts with a range of different surfaces.

This summer camp also offers the chance to attend as an external student. Students interested in attending a day camp can participate in the same programme of activities in a programme which runs from 9.00 in the morning until 6.00 in the evening.

Available Programmes

The CTR Tennis Academy runs all year round. If you would like more information about our annual programme, please get in touch with us.

  • Tennis programme: 20 hours a week.
  • Tennis programme + languages (English or Spanish) 20 hours per week of tennis + 5 hours of language classes.
  • Programme for external students: same schedule as the internal programme - daily from 9am to 6pm.
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Training CTR Tennis Academy

Training at

The camp offers intensive and personalised training designed to help young players improve their standard of play within a short period of time.

The prestigious head coach, Felix Riba, is in charge of leading the technical sessions. Participants are placed into groups according to age and level. There are two available programmes, perfecting technique and competition.

Tennis Training

Training location:
Catalonia Tennis Resort
Hours of training per week:
20 h / week

Languages spoken by coaches:
Spanish, English
Levels of training offered by the camp:
Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner

How are the groups organized?
Age and Level
Number of children per group:

Training surface:
Clay, fast track and artificial grass courts.
Training at . Left picture
Training at . Right picture

The training

Training sessions take place from Monday to Friday for a total of 20 hours per week. The aim of these sessions is not just to improve the players’ technique but also their mental aptitude on court.

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the content of the sessions is based on basic techniques (rallies, footwork, consistency, cross court shorts and passing shots). On Tuesdays and Thursdays, classes focus on the attacking game (skills, approach shots, volleys and smashes). We also practice the serve on a daily basis.

In the afternoons from 4 to 6pm participants take part in league matches which are organised each week at the camp and also in personalised training sessions, where each player chooses a part of their game they want to practice.

English classes in CTR Tennis Academy

Young people who wish to can take English or Spanish classes. These are held for one hour a day (a total of 5 hours a week). Students will improve the level of their chosen language while sharing the learning experience with classmates from a range of different nationalities. There are 6 children in each class.

English or Spanish classes incur an additional cost of 50 Euro per week.

Language classes at Tennis camp

Children per group:
Language classes at . Left picture
Language classes at . Right picture

Programme and Activities

Enjoying activities

The timetable below is an illustration of the activities which typically take place during a normal day at the summer tennis camp.

*This programme is subject to change.

Taking into account the essence of this summer camp, as well as the training activities or language classes, the CTR Academy offers a wide variety of activities to keep the young people entertained and engaged the whole day.

Every day, from Monday to Friday, at least an hour and a half each day is devoted to providing fun activities for the young people to enjoy as they relax after their tennis coaching to help them integrate with the other camp participants. They can enjoy swimming in the pool, playing cards or other board games, or they can simply spend time with the new friends they will make at the camp.

Enjoying activities. Left picture
Enjoying activities. Right picture


At weekends students are taken on excursions outside the camp. They will visit cities in the local area, go to the beach, cinema, shopping or a local water park.

Clients who contact Ertheo before booking a camp or program are much more satisfied with their overall experience.

Do you have any questions? Ask Ertheo.

Accommodation and Monitors

Look inside accommodation

The camp offers two options for accommodation: apartments at the academy, where there is continual supervision by monitors who live with the participants, or a 4-star hotel located near the academy. Hotel rooms are individual, double, triple or quadruple.


Gerona Tennis Camp 2021 camp Accommodation

Accommodation type:
Room type:
Shared by 6-12 participants

Bathroom type:

Free WIFI:
Languages spoken by monitors:
Spanish, English

The number of children per monitor:

Shared amenities

Multi sports stadium
Beach volleyball court
Games room
TV room / cinema
Swimming pool
Playing tables: Ping pong, Billiards or others


Special Menu:
Can you repeat dish? Yes

Distance between facilities

Accommodation - Training
Accommodation - Language classes
Accommodation - Meals

Health care

Nurse: No
Doctor: No
Physiotherapist: No
First Aid Equipment: Yes

The sports complex provides excellent facilities there are 14 tennis courts (8 clay courts, 4 of synthetic resin and 2 of artificial turf). There are also 4 paddle tennis courts, a 7-a-side football pitch and three outdoor swimming pools.

A closer look at the accommodation at . Left photo
A closer look at the accommodation at . Right photo


The camp’s team of monitors provide constant supervision of the young participants. The monitor: student ratio is 1:8.

The tennis camp is located in Santa Coloma de Farners, which is a town in the province of Gerona. It is about an hour and a quarter from Barcelona’s city centre and the airport (Aeropuerto del Prat).

Prices and Dates

Duration (Weeks)CTR Tennis Academy
Tennis campTennis day camp

Prices are shown in Dollars. Do you wish to see them in Euros? Change to EUR

The official rate of this camp is determined in EUROS, so the final amount in US DOLLARS may vary slightly due to the fluctuation of both currencies.

Starting Dates

Tennis camp

30 June

Places available

14 July

Places available

Tennis day camp

30 June

Places available

14 July

Places available

Included in the price
  • Full board accommodation
  • Training sessions
  • The social programme activities
Not included in the price
  • The English/Spanish classes are not included in the price and will incur an additional charge of 50 Euros per week
  • The transfer service is also not included in the price

Transfer Service

The transfer service is optional and customers wishing to use this must purchase it separately. Below are the prices and destinations which this camp offers for those parents who would like their son or daughter to be collected by a monitor and taken to the camp (and vice versa at the end of the camp).

  • Barcelona Airport: 185 €
  • Gerona Airport: 50 €
  • Barcelona City Centre: 175 €
  • Lloret de Mar: 60 €
  • Gerona: 55 €
  • Playa de Aro: 70 €
  • Figueras: 110 €

Services de Insurance

Through an international insurance company, we offer two different types of insurance:

Camp cancellation insurance

If you want to rest assured that you can recover your money in the event that your child is unable to attend the camp because of unforeseen circumstances - our cancellation insurance policy may be of interest to you. More information here

Travel insurance

We also offer a travel insurance policy that also includes medical assistance. Details of the full policy coverage can be found here

Steps to make a reservation for the camp

  • Step 1: Make a payment of 50% of the total cost of the program. (If you reserve after May 31st, you must pay 100% of the cost of the program to reserve.)
  • Step 2: Turn in the required documents duly completed.

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, we’ll send you a confirmation of your reservation.

Once you have received the confirmation, you can buy your transportation tickets. If you have reserved the transfer service, be sure to send us an email regarding the details of your trip so we can successfully transport you to the camp.

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