If you are looking for a different experience for your children, surrounded by nature, you have the opportunity to sign them up for the Andorra horse riding camp where they can enjoy a wonderful experience at the mountain while they practice their favorite sport.

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  • Riding lessons: 3 hours of riding lessons / day
  • English classes: 15 hours of English per week
  • Facilities: Hípica de la Aldosa

Horse riding is one of the most interesting and beautiful sports youngsters can practice. In addition to competing, kids establish an important relationship with the horse or the mare.

In addition to horse riding, students take English or Spanish classes to improve their level with 15 hours a week as well as the 3 hours of activities with the horses. Camp instructors supervise all the field trips and training to avoid any possible problems.

Available Programs

Andorra Horse Riding Camp

Boys and girls will learn everything related to the world of horse riding.

Clients who contact Ertheo before booking a camp or program are much more satisfied with their overall experience.

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  • Training: 3 hours/day
  • Training schedule: In the afternoons
  • Group size: Maximum capacity of 14 students

Students who participate in the Andorra horse riding camp take a 3-hour horse riding class each afternoon and are in contact with the horse. Boys and girls learn everything related with the world of horse riding and the instructors teach the kids how to take care of the horses. After the daily classes, students go on a one-hour excursion riding the horses supervised by instructors.

The facilities where horse riding classes take place belong to the Aldosa horse riding complex located 15 minutes away from the hotel where the camp takes place at Soldeu el Tarter.

The Horse Camp holds a maximum of 14 students per week and accepts boys and girls of all levels. The classes take place with the entire group and involve different types of exercises for all the levels.

Language Classes

  • Hours of English: 15 hours of English per week
  • Native teachers: Yes
  • Group organization: By level

In addition to the horse riding training, students take 15-hour English classes a week. These lessons take place in the morning from 9:45AM to 1:00PM every day except Saturdays and Sundays. Boys and girls are divided in classes by level and age, based on their levels and the Trinity College London exams.

The professors encourage class participation by making them dynamic and entertaining. Students can take the official Trinity College London exams in order to test their level of English.


Camp Schedule

Participants can practice different sports, such as soccer, volleyball, badminton or ping-pong during their free time at the terrific facilities available at the hotel where they stay.

They can choose among various activities each night: large screen movies, TV rooms, recreational areas, workshops, interior or exterior night games, contests, various activities, board games, etc.

Field Trips

The camp organizes field trips to Port Aventura and Barcelona (Tour Barcelona Experience) on the weekends. These two activities are optional and are not included in the price of the campus. Each one costs 85 Euros.

Instructors organize varied workshops for students who do not wish to go on the field trips so they are entertained. These varied workshops include cooking, photography, magic or makeup techniques although many more are offered.

Daily schedule

  • Schedule: 
  • 08:30-09:00 Wake up and bathe
  • 09:00-09:45 Breakfast
  • 09:45-10:00 Go to english classes
  • 10:00-10:55 ENGLISH or SPANISH class
  • 10:55-11:05 Break
  • 11:05-12:00 ENGLISH or SPANISH class
  • 12:00-12:20 Break in the garden
  • 12:20-13:15 ENGLISH or SPANISH class
  • 13:15-13:30 Leave english material
  • 13:30-14:15 Free time
  • 14:15-14:30 Go to the rooms to change
  • 14:30-15:30 Lunch
  • 15:30-16:00 Depart for sports
  • 16:00-19:00 Horse riding training
  • 19:00-19:15 Go to the rooms to change
  • 19:15-20:15 Free time
  • 20:15-20:30 Go to the rooms to change
  • 20:30-21:15 Diner
  • 21:15-23:00 Free time
  • 23:00-23:30 Go to the rooms to sleep
  • 23:30-08:30 SLEEP-REST
Clients who contact Ertheo before booking a camp or program are much more satisfied with their overall experience.

Do you have any questions? Ask Ertheo.


  • Residence: Hotel Euroski 4 *, Valle de Incles
  • Rooms: Double, triple or quadruple
  • Type of Bathroom: All have their own bathroom or shower

Students who attend the Andorra horse riding camp say at the 4* Euroski Hotel, located at the Valle de Incles, one of the most visited and beautiful spots in Andorra, next to the ski slopes of Soldeu – El Tarter. This is the ideal place to spend a summer near nature and practice a sport.

The Euroski Hotel rooms are double, triple and quadruple and all of them have their own bathroom with bathtub or shower, with daily cleaning and towel change service. Each room has free Wi-Fi, phone, air condition and satellite TV.

These are some of the hotel amenities:

  • Buffet restaurant
  • Bar with solarium terrace
  • PlayStation & Wii room
  • Laundry service (once a week)
  • TV and movie room
  • Heated pool and jacuzzi
  • Classrooms

Private dance club, table soccer, ping-pong, etc.

All of the instructors at Camp Rialp have experience with youngsters and kids. They are aware of everything students do 24 hours a day and always help them with whatever they need as well as accompany and supervise them during all field trips.


The 4* Euroski hotel, is the headquarters of the camp where students stay and is located at the Incles valley in the Principality of Andorra (Carretera General de Canillo-Soldeu, s/n AD100 Incles). The closest airport to the hotel is El Prat in Barcelona, 3 hours away from the hotel. The camp has a transfer service available to pick up boys and girls at the airport and take them to the facilities.

Prices and Dates

The prices of this programme vary according to a number of factors, such as the demand for places and the age of the participant. Please indicate the approximate start date you are considering and we will contact you as soon as possible with the prices and dates which are available.

Improved booking conditions for all camps

This 2024 make your reservation more easily and with less risk

  • We´ve lowered the deposit required to reserve your camp to just 500€
  • Free cancellation until March 1st
  • Money-back guarantee within 10 days
  • Optional insurances
  • *Please note that if a visa is required to attend camp, it will be necessary to pay the total amount of the program

    *Special conditions valid for all 2024 summer camp reservations except for the Barça USA camp, which will follow the general terms and conditions.

Extra Services

You can purchase one of the extra services below at an additional cost.

    Camp Insurance

    We offer two insurance options based on your needs:

  • Cancellation and Interruption Insurance: This option allows you to get your money back if you have to cancel or interrupt the camp for any justified reason, including injury or illness of participants both before and during the camp (the policy contains 35 different causes for justified cancellations).
  • Travel/Medical Insurance: With this insurance policy, you will be covered for medical assistance abroad and possible expenses caused by health-related issues, as well as other contingencies such as lost luggage or an unforeseen flight change.

    Download the following PDF to learn more about each insurance options terms and conditions, coverage features, and price.

    Camp Insurance
    Transfer Service:

    There are two types of transfer services available that we´ll detail for you below:

  • Standard transfer service: the camp offers an optional transfer service for participants who request it from the nearest airport to the residence (or vice versa). Check with Ertheo for schedules and prices for this service.
  • Special transfer with additional unaccompanied minor service: participants who fly to camp alone and have contracted the unaccompanied minor service with their airline must hire this special transfer with accompaniment so that the child isn´t left alone in the airport. Check with Ertheo for schedules and prices of this service.

Contact Ertheo for prices and additional information.

Transportation to the camp (flights/trains) is not included in the price of our programs.