The USA is the quintessential golfing country. This is the country where the most important tournaments in the world take place, the quality of the golf courses is exceptional and the weather conditions are conducive for the practice of this sport. The golf culture is widespread in the USA and each tournament is watched by many more fans than in any other country in the world.

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Summer campus

IMG Academy Golf Camp in Florida 2024

  • Training: 15 h/week
  • Language Classes: English
  • Required Age: 8-18 years
  • Lodging: Cuadruple

Without a doubt, it can be said that the IMG Academy Golf Camp has one of the best programs in the world dedicated to this sport. This camp provides boys and girls with a first-person view of the world of professional sports, immersing them in high-performance golf.

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Young lovers of golf dream of receiving a university sports scholarship in the USA to be able to train in a US university at the same time as studying to obtain a university degree.

But in order to apply for a scholarship, it is necessary to have a handicap of 4 or less, which requires a lot of training and effort to achieve good results in tournaments. Golf is a very difficult sport which needs work, sacrifice, determination and luck. To be able to become a professional, the most important thing (as well as these qualities) is to have a good coach and begin playing as a soon as possible. An excellent option to start out in the world of golf and begin to work on improving abilities and tactics is to enroll in a golf summer camp.

What do golf camps consist of?

If your child loves golf and dreams of becoming a professional some day, choose them a golf summer camp in the USA. A unique opportunity to train with professionals, practice and perfect their techniques in exceptional facilities, play in local tournaments and enjoy an unbeatable experience.

In the USA, we offer golf camps for all levels, aimed at youngsters of between 8 and 18 years of age. It doesn’t matter whether your child is just starting out in this sport, or whether they already have an advanced level. If they wish to take advantage of their summer to train hard, we will offer them a program adapted to their needs and objectives.

Which golf camps do we offer in the USA?

In the USA we offer various camps:

  • IMG Florida: this camp is located in Florida, is aimed at children of ages between 8 and 18. Its training program consists of 15 hours of training/week. The children will stay in apartments situated near the camp facilities and will receive full board.

When do the camps take place?

The camps take place during the summer, coinciding with the children’s school holidays and taking advantage of the good weather conditions that this season provides.

What level is necessary to be able to attend the camps?

Each camp groups the children according to age and level. There are programs for children that are just starting out, for those that already have a basic understanding and even for those that have an advanced level and a low handicap. Each program adapts to their level and focuses on achieving their determined objectives. Once the children arrive at the camp, a coach will assess their level and will assign them a program that best suits their needs.

What else do the children learn in the camps?

Golf is a very complex sport, which requires not only the practice of techniques, but also specific physical training in order to strengthen different parts of the body so as to improve movements and shots. Another significant factor is the mental aspect of this sport. To be able to win tournaments, not only is a good physical and technical capacity required, but also mental strength and the ability to apply a strategy to beat the other players. It is a sport in which one must overcome pressure. In these camps, the children will be prepared both physically as well as mentally in order to become perfect golfers.

On the other hand, the fact that they are summer camps is not forgotten. Outside of training sessions, the children take part in leisure activities and excursions in order to have fun during their stay, make friends, laugh, play and above all enjoy this unique experience.