Ertheo was founded in 2001. Since then, we’ve developed various businesses from online gambling to education which is our current specialty.
We offer education and sports programs for young people all over the world (for more information about Ertheo, see the About Us section).
A little while ago, we moved to a bigger office. We now have an extra room with four work spaces available which we’d like to offer as a coworking space.

Why offer coworking

As an online business, we work with a large number of freelancers and are well aware that distance can complicate collaboration. We think that by offering a coworking space in our office, we could be creating the ideal situation for freelancers looking to collaborate with us as well as attend to their current clients.

Freelancers – We’re looking for a win-win situation

The ideal situation for us would be if you were a freelancer or a small business, specializing in design (graphic, web, video), IT, content writing, online marketing, social media, or something similar.

In exchange for collaborating with us, we’ll offer you a work space in our office which is located in one of the nicest areas in Málaga. The office is in La Malagueta, right across from the bullring. In addition, we’re a potential client you can offer your services to.

Startups and other possible win-win situations

We’re also interested in sharing the space with startups that need a place to work and could benefit from some support (either economic or business) in order to grow their business.

We’ve been an online business since 2001 and have been involved in many different sectors over the years. Our team has a lot of experience that could help you take your startup to the next level.

If you’re not sure whether you fit the exact profile of a freelancer or Startup Company but you think that our companies can work together and benefit from each other, we’d like to hear from you.

Prices and conditions

As we’ve explained earlier, we’re not offering coworking space just to make money. That’s why we’re open to hearing different offers.

For example, we could come to an agreement where you don’t pay any rent but instead work for us for a certain amount of hours per month. Or, you could pay a fixed monthly rent for the work space with a more flexible contact where you pay the rent, and we pay you for the hours you work for us. Your contract could be a mix of these two options or a completely different agreement altogether.

That being said, as to not leave everything completely up in the air, the standard fixed price for a desk in our coworking office would be between 100€ and 200€ per month fulltime.

For startups, we’d need to know more about your project before specifying the conditions.

What we are offering

A room for 4 with individual work desks

A conference room with a 55” screen for virtual meetings – the table in the conference room converts into a billiard/Ping-Pong table :-)

Kitchen with refrigerator and microwave

24h Access

Internet 300Mb symmetric

Scanner and printer

Free coffee, tea, and water

Daily cleaning

Garage parking space for bikes and motorcycles